The Media Is Lying About Gov’t Budget Cuts

Hypocrites rule Washington.. Just when you thought you read about how much the government is cutting their budgets….

….both parties in Congress just passed a law saying there will be no budget cuts for the next 6 months**. That means all the programs are going to give out the same amount of money in the next 6 months as they did last year at this time.

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I have been studying government spending for over 30 years.  And ever since the Reagan Administration, every time the media screams ‘Budget Cuts’ people believe that Congress is really cutting the budget.

But, what really happens is nothing is cut and  fewer people apply for government money  because everyone believes in the headlines and not in the reality.

What This Mean For You?

For the next 6 months there is no worry about a shrinking government budget stopping you from getting money and the money will be easier to get because of fewer applications. Start applying now for…

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- $250,000 To Buy Out Your Boss’s Business

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Before They May Really Make Any Budget Cuts

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