Get 20-50% Off Products and Gifts on Internet Crowdfunding Sites

Buying an expensive watch, camera, 3D printer, high fashion sweaters or even a super computer can be affordable if you put in your order before the company is finished making it.

That’s what you can do with crowdfunding web sites like, and others.  Businesses put their new product ideas here to get pre-orders from the public so they can finance their first production.  If the  crowd doesn’t give them all the money they need, they don’t go into production and it costs you nothing.  If they get all the money they need, you get a great deal on a new product that is not even on the market yet.

See How Oliver Ike Is Doing This With Watches


Learn How To Get Free Money On The Web For Local Charities and Be a Super Hero

Take a few minutes and learn how easy it is getting to use the power of the internet to get free money to solve problems in your neighborhood. You don’t have to be a Financier, Computer Geek, a Saint. You just have to be you, who sees a problem and wants to use the power of today’s tools to solve it.

Learn how you can do this too. Every neighborhood needs help solving problems and you can learn how to use the internet to solve them. Watch…


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Here’s New Gov’t Money for Your Business

If you are thinking about starting a business or already have a business, Obama’s recent radio address is telling entrepreneurs about new programs that he is working on and others he already has in place that you can use to help America create jobs. His radio address also includes a great line:

“American Doesn’t Give Up.. It Gets Up”

1)New Tax Breaks If You Set Up Manufacturing In America 


Obama Radio Address 2/18/12

- Bigger Tax Breaks For New HI Tech Manufactures- Locate In A Struggling Community and Get Money for Plant, Equipment and Training

2)Make It Easier for You Business To Export On Track To Double Exports in 5 Year


See how Gov’t Will Find You Partners Overseas







3)Invest in New Skills for American Workers


See How Gov’t Will Pay Training For You and Your Employees



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Love Playing Sports? Get Free Money To Take Your Skills To The Next Level

If you ever wished that someone would give you free money to take your skills to the next level, this is for you.

It’s a website for amateur athletes to get free internet money to hire a coach, travel to train with the best, purchase equipment, or get living expenses so you can stop working to concentrate on your sport.

More importantly the website is free.  It’s a non-profit and they do not charge or take a percentage of any the money that is funded.

You gotta see this, not only for you, but for the sportspeople in your life