How To Hook Up Old School Children’s Blocks To New Technology and Get $22,000 On The Internet

Take something old and make it new again.  Then put it on the internet and see if people throw money at you for your idea.

That’s what David Kunitz did with his idea for using those childhood Alphabet Blocks and having an iPad read them.

See How He Did It. Watch This Video …

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No Job? Get Free Money To Live On While You Start A Business

Learn How Father and Son Cabinet Makers Get $75,000 On Internet To Start New Careers

Young or old, we all have to start learning how to do something new.  The old stuff we learned how to do does not work anymore and we are living longer than ever.

Watch How This Father and Son Learned New Tricks To Succeed In The New Economy.

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I Bet You Had “NO IDEA” You Can Get Someone To Sit Down With You To Fix Your Finances For FREE


If you Google to get help with your finances you are going to get millions of websites that will charge you big money for their help.

I’ll show you where to get FREE HELP.

The government gives millions in grants to experts all over the country to help people like you for free, but these free experts are not allowed to advertise.

Let me show you where they are near you.

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You Can’t Get Personal Gov’t Grants For Living Expenses If You Don’t Know Where To Look

Here are 4 main reasons most people don’t find the grants they are eligible for:

1) Most Free Money is Not Called Grants…
80% of the free money the government gives out isn’t even called grants, so people are asking the wrong questions

2) This Money Doesn’t Show Up in Google…
a Google search will show you 50 million websites and most of those websites are people selling you something about grants and not giving out any free money

3) The Money Is Not Where You Think It Is…
the money you need is not in Washington but in state and local governments

4) People Believe In The Grant Myths…
most people believe in urban grant myths like “grant applications are complicated” or “grants are only for the poor”…the facts are that only 12% of free money goes to the poor and most applications are only 3-4 pages of fill in the blanks

I’ve been researching government money programs for over 35 years and I will put together a custom report showing you the best government money sources to help pay for your living expenses for where you live.

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Get Your Gov’t Discount On Your Phone Service

Even if you want to save money, it’s not safe in today’s world not to have phone service. That’s why there are programs to help you keep your phone when you are thinking about cutting your expenses.

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