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Every Sunday I show you 6 new ways to get ahead that actually do work.  It’s not just  academic theory or some sales hype. These are actually tried and true ways of living in the current economy.


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I just came back from Shanghai giving speeches to Entrepreneurs and other success seekers and received very enthusiastic reviews. I figure if my message resonates so well in China, it should certainly be of greater value here in the USA.

I am planning a tour of speeches to groups around the country interested in learning about these new success tools. Let me know if you have a group that would be interested.

I Don’t Charge, Don’t Sell Anything and Just Want To Educate
Send a Description Of Your Group, How Many Members, When You Meet, and We Will See If We Can Fit It Into The Schedule.

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Here are the topics I cover:n1
Fun Is The Best Kept Secret To Success see short video on topic

How To Get Free Government Money and Help To Start or Grow Any Business or Idea
see my Vice Magazine Profile with 300,000 views

How Anyone Can Best Take Advantage of the Tools in Our New Economy…
Crowdfunding, Peer-to-Peer and The Sharing Economy

I have produced over 500 videos on these topics see

I have had a very successful career for over 35 years educating people about alternative sources of money and help to achieve success and I am planning for another 25 years, at least.

Let me know if you think this will help your group.

Matthew Lesko

If You Are You Trying to Make It In the USA, You Have to Know This About Shanghai

I just returned from a 10 day business trip to Shanghai. I been studying Mandarin with financial assistance from the Chinese government for two years so I was using the trip to use the 12 words I’ve learned after all my classes (ha ha).

Shanghai is a vibrant, exciting city full of both ex-patriots from all over the world, and locals that all seem to be starting small business. Entrepreneurs seem less cut throat there. With 28 million people it does not seem crowed and It also seems safer and more polite than the US. And you don’t even have to speak Mandarin.

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Here’s A Business To Start With Little Cash That Gives You A Richer, Healthier & Smarter Lifestyle

Don’t buy some pre-packaged business opportunity that takes your money and leaves you nowhere but much poorer.

Instead get in on the beginning of the “Eating Well” food boom and learn how to do it all for little or no cash, but with lots of your own desire to help others live well.

We’re all getting fatter, sicker and more depressed as a society, and just one person, like you, can make a difference (along with a nice income for yourself) by helping others
“Eat Well”.

If not for the money, then do it for yourself.

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You’re Never Too Young, Broke, Or Inexperienced to Get $40,000 of Free Internet Money

If this does not convince that there is a whole new world for how to succeed out there, then nothing will.

The traditional way of going to college was for you to get a loan to pay the school for 4 years so that when you graduate you can get a job to pay off the loans.

Now some people are going to college, and the college PAYS THEM money to start a business while they’re in school so they have a self- made career upon graduation.

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