Education and Training Money For Jobs Is Not Where You Think

Forget scholarships and all the traditional sources for getting money to go back to school or to get trained for a better job.

The new economy is creating so many new ways to fund your learning that the experts are not telling you about them.

I bet you didn’t know about programs like these:

  • Free Mentors Available To Show You How To Tap Into $100 Million of Unclaimed Scholarship Money
  • Your State Can Have $17 Million To Pay For College But No One Applies
  • The First Accredited 4-Year Degree is now Online and FREE…and Grads Get Jobs at Microsoft and HP
  • Government Gives You $60,000 To Pay Off Your Student Loans
  • Save $50,000 Legally On Paying Out-Of-State Tuition
  • Take 15 hours/wk for 12 weeks of FREE TRAINING and Get a 50% Salary Raise
  • 4 Months of Training Guarantees You a $76,000-$90,000/yr Job
  • New Laws Create Ways Not To Pay Back Your Student Loans
  • Get $7,000-$250,000 To Train Yourself or Your Employees for a Better Job
  • Don’t Join the Army! Work for Starbucks and Get 4-Year College Degree Paid For
  • Get Crowds on The Internet To Pay For Your Tuition When You Can’t Find Money
  • Government Money Is Available To Train For Millions Of Jobs That Go Begging
  • There Are Grants From The Chinese Government to Learn Mandarin

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Uncle Sam Wants To Weatherize Your Home

This government program will save you a bunch of money on your heating and cooling bills by making your home more energy efficient.

Over 7 million people have already received funding from this program.

Once you qualify, you receive a complete home energy audit. After the audit, energy professionals come and make additions and changes to your home that will save you from $250 to $480/year on your utility bills.

You get everything paid for by Uncle Sam.
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Learn the best kept secrets about using Uncle Sam to start or expand any business. Your business can be full-time, part-time or not even a business. You can use them for your non-profit or as a freelancer looking for work.
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Top Grant #10: 6 Million Families Can Get Extra $2,400 to $9,000

The rich are able to pay a lot less in taxes because they learn the system.
That’s why Warren Buffet, the richest guy in America, pays a lower tax rate than his secretary.

There are programs where the IRS will send money to Average Taxpayers even if they don’t pay taxes.

And over 6 million Americans are not checking the box on their tax return where the government will send you an extra $2,400 to $9,000.

Even if you already paid your taxes, you can still get the money. Find out here:

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Uncle Sam Considers You A Senior At 40 Years Old

The government considers you a senior at 40 YEARS OLD.

That’s right! That is when age discrimination starts. And government lawyers will fight for you for free if you feel discriminated against.

There are hundreds for programs starting at all kinds of ages. There are senior programs that give:

  • An Extra $1,750 To Live On
  • Free Legal Help To Get A Divorce
  • A Free Ramp For Your Front Steps
  • Extra Money To Spend At Farmer’s Markets
  • Free Respite Care If You Are Caring For A Senior
  • Free Transportation To Get Medical Care
  • Free Training To Get A Better Job

Learn how to use the nation’s one-stop hotline for free help for anyone who is a senior or those who are caring for a senior.

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Stop Going To People Who Sell You Money
There are plenty of Non-Profit Organizations and Government Offices who give out money when you are in financial trouble and you don’t have to pay it back.
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Best Gov’t Program: 7 Million Not Applying For Grocery Money Due To Them

There are over 7 million people in America who can get this money but they don’t apply.

Over 50% of all seniors are eligible for this money and are not applying for it.

Ever though you have to meet income requirements to get this money, 50% of the people who receive this money are currently working and 80-90% worked last year or will work next year.

A lot of people need this, so watch this video and help out a friend or neighbor or even your own family.

Stop Going To People Who Sell You Money

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#5 Best Gov’t Program: Money You Can Spend Anyway You Want

All the rules and regulations connected with government programs makes you spend the money only on specific items like your electricity bill, your education or your business.

Here’s a government program that does not care at all what you spend the money on, because it’s your money anyway.

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