Does Your IT Guy Get Out Of Bed At 2 AM To Fix Things? Mine Does!

Back in 2007 when I realized that the future of my reference book business was doomed, I searched around from someone to help me get all my work on the Internet.


I found through and they have been my savior at an unbeatable price.

For 8 years now they have taken me from just a guy with a website to becoming the country’s largest database of government programs for the average consumer.

They have tackled and resolved hundreds of problems during this time and they have constantly found ways to make my web service:

  1. More Efficient,
  2. More User Friendly, and
  3. More Productive

The most important aspect of their work is that they have always been friendly, respectful, and cost conscious. There has never been a time when I did not feel that MY NEEDS ALWAYS CAME FIRST, and not their profit.

Just to let you know, I am not taking any money for this recommendation and never will because there were many times when Medma really did get out of bed in the middle of the night to solve my problem and always gave me the feeling that they were glad to do it.
I am only suggesting that you consider Medma for any IT work you need to get done.

Max Reed (Vineet)

Thank you for allowing me to annoy you with my excitement…Matthew

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How To Get A Job That’s Fun Forever

Wouldn’t it be great if you can wake up every day to go the work with the same joy you feel when you wake up the morning to start your summer vacation.

Well, YOU CAN! And why not?

I believe that we are not living this way because of the outside influences that guide our job and career choices. The real guide for our choices in life should be based and what is INSIDE OF US, not what is OUTSIDE OF US.

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Ted Talker Shares World’s Largest Database Of Crowdfunding How-To Videos

As part of his lifetime effort to inspire others to live an exciting life, Matthew Lesko’s TEDx Talk shows why:Watch TEDx Talk

- Experts Are Wrong,
- Schools Should Be Teaching Failure, and
- Your Heart Is Smarter Than Your Brain.

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In addition to his inspirational speeches, Lesko has created the World’s Largest Free Database of over 1,000 How-To Videos showing why Crowdfunding is the most exciting opportunity on the internet.

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Sample of videos:
If A Teenager Can Get $12,000 For An Invention, You Can Too

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How To Be A Real Hero
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Going Camping In Retirement Can Get You $35,000 On The Internet To Start A Whole New Career

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Get $600,000 On The Internet With No Background, No Secrets, and No Money

$1 Million Dollars Is Given Out Every Month To Artists, Singers, Crafts, etc Like You

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Uncle Sam Is Having A July 4th Money Sale For Members

Celebrate America’s Birthday by taking advantage of the 25 BEST government programs this great country has to offer.

They are for all ages, or all incomes and can help you many, many problems.

These programs are created by laws and this money and help has to go out to all Americans, But most people don’t know where and how to apply.

My Exclusive Video eBook gives you all you need to know to learn know to start enjoying all the benefits this great country has to offer.

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Hi.. Did you know that the government gives away TONS of free money to people who own (or want to start) a business?

You can get FREE:
* health benefits
* legal advice
* marketing help
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You Can Love People More & They’ll Love You More When You’re Working At What You Want

I believe in this concept so much.

We spend most of our waking hours at work.  And, if you are not happy being at work, you bring that unhappiness home into your private life.

No one wants to be around unhappy people.  No one wants to love unhappy people.  And you can’t love others to the fullest extent possible if you’re unhappy at work all day.

NOW, in the new economy there is no reason to remain unhappy at work.  You can use crowdfunding and the sharing economy to start getting out of the place you are in and start doing something that makes you more lovable and start giving more love to others every day.

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