Get $25,000 from Local Gov’t To Work On Your Business Idea

Here is a perfect way to start a business.

First get $25,000 from your local government to act as seed money so you can develop your idea.

Then promote your sample product on a crowdfunding website and get the money you need to manufacture a batch of your product.

In the old economy, you had to make the product first before you could get the customer’s money.

Now in the new Internet economy, you get the customer’s money even before you make the product.

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Learn why getting crowdfunding money is so much easier than getting government grants to start your business, your non-profit or idea.

No credit check.
No financial statements.
No accountants, lawyers, or high priced consultants.
You get the money in 60 days.
You spend the money anyway you want.

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Which Is Dumber: Starting A Business or Getting Married?

So many people are afraid of starting a business but think nothing about getting married. There is now good data available showing your possible success rate for each of these decisions. You can’t make a good decision without knowing the facts.

Watch this:

I’ve developed a course that teaches you how to look into your heart to choose the right business for you. It is the same skills as choosing the right marriage partner. I also show you have to get money to do it. See

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Course Shows How Having The Most Fun Makes You The Most Money

After having 2 failing businesses and 2 failing marriages, I finally succeeded in getting more in life than I ever imagined both financially and personally.

I’ve put together an exclusive one-hour course so I can share with you how the experts, friends, relatives and the education system were all wrong when they were advising me on how to succeed.

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Women Are 100% More Successful At Getting Crowdfunding Money Than Men

Women are more successful than men at getting money in the new economy. The old economy is run predominately by men but now it’s an entirely new ballgame.


Hey guys!!!! We better start learning from women how it’s done.

Here are 65 women who can teach us all a lesson.

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Matthew Lesko Shares Crowdfunding Secrets

You should learn more about Matthew Lesko’s Crowdfunding Secrets

July 16, 2015 – Matthew Lesko is an American author popularly known as, “That question mark guy,” after the suits that he wears in interviews and infomercials. In addition to his inspirational speeches, Lesko has recently created the …

“World’s Largest Free Database of over 1,000 How-To Videos showing why crowdfunding is the most exciting opportunity on the internet”.

“Crowdfunding is the easiest way to get money for your business or idea without using a gun,” says Lesko, who recently did a TEDx talk called “Don’t be Afraid of Being Anything!”

During this talk, Lesko encourages the audience to embrace failure and to follow their hearts. is a new website by Matthew Lesko’s Information USA, Inc. which complements It has been created to make much of his decades of research easier to search, as well as providing access to new online tools and research to help you invent the life you love to live.

Matthew Lesko is trying to educate as many people as possible to use society’s newest tool that allows anyone to start living the life they always wanted. This new database includes videos on a wide range of topics, including:
“Crowdfunding is A No Cost Way To
Work Harder and Make More Money”
“Crowdfunding Means You Don’t Have to
Put Up With A Mediocre Job Anymore”.

Lesko notes that, “Crowdfunding is the only place you can get $50,000 with no credit check.”

He explains, “Crowdfunding is the new method of starting projects by raising money from a large number of people. This means you don’t have to adopt some shark tank angel investors to be your new boss… just as you are finally trying to become your own boss. Even more importantly, it also means that you can start by selling pre-orders to your future customers… before you’ve even started your business!”

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What You Don’t Know About Crowdfunding:

  • It’s A Revolution Creating Funds For The Average Person
  • It’s Money You Don’t Have To Pay Back
  • It Requires No Credit Check, Income Statements or Complicated Forms
  • You Can Get More Money Than You Ask For
  • 40% Of The People Who Apply Get Their Money
  • For Small Business It’s Better Than Banks, Investors, Venture Capitalists, or Fat Cats
  • It’s A Source That Gives You More Than Just Money
  • In Some Areas Crowdfunding Is Giving Out More Money Than The Gov’t Hands Out In Grant Money
  • There Are No Fees or Charges And You Only Pay A Small % Of The Money After You Receive It

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What You Get:

  • An In-Depth Analysis Of The Exponential Growth Of Crowdfunding As A Source Of Money For Average Americans
  • Descriptions of the Major Sources of Crowdfunding Money
  • Exclusive VIDEO Interviews Of 12 People Who Used Crowdfunding To Start Their Venture, Create A Job, Or Solve A Financial Problem
  • More, More, More
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No Other Financial Service Provides So Much For So Little Cost