Get Grants & Crowdfunding To “Do Your Thing” In Life

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We all struggle in life, and I’ve been fortunate to have a wonderful, exciting life so far. Now I want to spend the rest of my time helping others find the same. I am building a new service called:

“How To Use Grants and Crowdfunding To Do Your Thing In Life”

After 40 years of researching sources of free money, I believe now is the best time in the history for anyone to get the help and money they need to do their own thing in life, either full-time or part-time.

Consider this: 1) Grants from Government Programs and Non-Profit Organizations Are Bigger Than Ever…Over $23,000 Per Family Per Year! 2) Internet Crowdfunding Money Is Easier Than Government Grants and Is Growing Exponentially from $0 to $34 Billion in 5 Years 3) The Internet Has Eliminated Gatekeepers and Makes Access to Needed Expertise To Do Anything Practically Free

Google Sucks

The problem with all this free money and help is people use Google to search the Internet to find sources, but 90% of the websites that Google identifies are businesses that want your money to help you, and do not offer the free help. These companies pay Google billions to make sure you see their websites, but the free help doesn’t pay Google any money so you never see them.

Tell Me What Would Make It Easier For You To Do Your Own Thing In Life!

I can’t send a check to everyone to make every problem disappear, but I can show you free money and help to make things happen yourself. It takes work, but work is fun if you are working on something YOU THINK IS IMPORTANT! REPLY TO THIS EMAIL and tell me what you think would be great to have in a service that would show people how to use grants and crowdfunding to do your thing in life. If you send me a reply, I’ll send you a Coupon for a free Video eBook from

If You Are Not Familiar With Me And My Work Watch These

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He Got $700,000 On The Internet So You Can Get A 3D Camera For Your Phone

You don’t have to wait for big companies like Nikon or Canon to come up with a 3D camera for your cell phone, at an irresistable price.  It’s here now because a small business already figured it out and able to use the Internet to get $700,000 to make it happen.

The big guys are no longer the gatekeepers of the world. Today the Internet lets the little guy take their good idea, go around the fat cats and make it happen.

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Google Won’t Show You These Websites To Get Out Of Debt & Pay Your Bills


#1: The internet is loaded with Billions of Websites that offer information, money and help.

#2:Google makes Billions of Dollars trying to organize all this information for you to use.

#3: Google makes these Billions because people pay them money to make sure you see their products and services when you search the internet.

#4: When you use Google to look for help to pay your bills or debt you are not going to the websites that actually “give-a-away” money and help, because they don’t have money to give to Google to advertise.

#5 The ones to do see are the ones that want money from you for the same help you can get for free.


We Know These Free Websites And
We Want To Make Sure You Do Too
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Here Is Why You Hate Going To Work In The Morning

Would you ever consent to an “Arranged Marriage”?  Well most of us are in jobs that are like that. These jobs make your life feel like something between ”Very Unpleasant” and ”Miserable”.

Your life does not have to be this way. Watch This:

“Learn Websites You Won’t Find In Google That Give Free Money and Help”
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If You Came Back From Afghanistan & Found 26,000 Of Your Neighbors Need Food?

This woman fought for us in Afghanistan and when she came back to her home in Iowa she found that 26,000 of her neighbors did not have enough food.

The greatest country in the world that fights for others around the world, does not feed all its citizens and she is using internet crowdfunding to fix that

Start Learning How You Too Can Use Crowdfunding To Solve A Problem or Start A Business

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Don’t Ever Buy A Franchise…You Should Start One Instead

If you ever thought about having your own business, you’ve probably thought about buying a franchise. WELL STOP NOW.

Watch This Video First

You’ll see that the system is rigged against the person who buys a franchise and the government gives millions of dollars to the people who start the franchise business.

Also learn how to identify the WORST FRANCHISES in America.

Lesko’s New Video eBook
“15 Websites That Give Money And Help To Start Any Business
That You Won’t Find On Google”
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