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You're A Senior Beginning At Age 40

That's right, at 40 years of age the government considers you a senior. That's the beginning year for age discrimination. So, if you are over 40 and your boss lays you off but keeps the younger people, then that may be age discrimination. Or if you are looking for a job and you are over 40 and they hire younger people and not you that too may be age discrimination. Laws are complicated. But you don't have to hire a high priced attorney to find out if the employer violated the law. You can call a government office and talk to someone who wrote the law. And if they determine you have a case they will sue the employer for you and get you the money. That's just one of the thousands of benefits you have access to by living in America and being over 40.

Best Starting Places To Get Help

Eldercare Locator
The U.S. Administration on Aging offers this free service to older adult Americans and their caregivers to help them connect with available services. Eldercare Locator links older adults who need assistance with state and local area agencies on aging and community-based organizations. If you need help with any health related problem go to the web site and follow the directions or call a specialist. The web site is available in many different languages. Contact:800-677-1116,
State Aging Office Programs

Every state offers special services to their seniors. Whether it is transportation, food, prescription drug discounts, or more, there should be something for everyone. If you have a disability with an assessed need and you live in Delaware you can receive up to $25,000/lifetime in assistive devices to help you function more independently. Arkansas and many other states offer seniors a free newsletter with articles of interest. Georgia will even send a Mobile Day Care to you. Their staff travels to rural parts of Georgia to provide day care services so caregivers can get respite. Services vary from state to state, and even from area to area within the state.

Check out our lists below, but don'acutet think for one minute that the lists are completely inclusive of all services. We tried to hit the highlights to give you of idea of what may be available. Remember that you need to contact your local Area Agency on Aging.These offices are located throughout the state and are where the services are dispensed. Almost all states have an information and referral line to help you in locating needed services. Remember that help is out there; you just need to know who to ask. If you have trouble locating the correct office, contact::National Association of Area Agencies on Aging, 1730 Rhode Island Ave., NW, Suite 1200, Washington, DC 20036,,Eldercare Locator: 800-677-1116 ( MEMBERS CAN REVIEW A STATE-BY-STATE LISTING OF ALL AGING PROGRAMS AT )

$890 Billion In Benefits For Seniors And Growing
Our country has so much to offer for seniors and the benefits keep growing every year. Out of the total federal budget of approximately $2.6 trillion a year, about $890 billion of this money goes to seniors. That means 35% of everything the federal government spends goes to seniors.
Over 30 Million Seniors Are Unaware Of Basic Benefits
Government studies show that over 30 million seniors are unaware that they are eligible for even some of the most basic benefit programs, like receiving up to $1,000 from the Department of Health and Human Services or getting their doctor to do free test screenings for cancer, glaucoma, and osteoporosis. A national polling survey conducted by the University of Connecticut and sponsored by Information, USA shows that 81% of Americans believe the government is NOT doing a good job of telling about available benefit programs and 65% of Americans believe they are eligible for benefits that they don’t know about. ( Sources: GAO Report, Medicare Savings Programs,, GAO Report Medicare: Most Beneficiaries Receive Some but Not All Recommended Services, GAP-03-958," ),Information USA/ U of Conn survey, )
More Free Help For Club Members
The Government Doesn't Even Know About These Benefits

It would be great if you could call just one government agency and ask about all government programs for seniors. But that is not going to happen. Our country is too big and complex for any one person to know everything. I’ve been cataloging government programs for over 25 years and what I keep learning every year is that even I can’t know all the programs available.

Many government offices don’t even know about their own programs. A recent study of the answers given on the government’s Medicare hotline showed that they gave the wrong answer 39% of the time. And when a doctor called for an answer they were given the wrong answer 96% of the time.

( Source: U.S. GAO Report, Accuracy of Responses form the 1-800-MEDICARE Help Line Should Be Improved, )

Seniors Making Over $150,000 Get More In Government Benefits Than Seniors Making $15,000
This is what Peter G. Peterson, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, said in his book “ Running on Empty.” He also showed that the government gives out about $1.5 trillion benefits each year and only 12% of this money goes to the poor. And only 25% of the money has an income requirement. This means 75% of all benefit money programs have no income requirement at all. Seniors have to realize that there are benefits for every income category imaginable.
Seniors Who Make Up To $150,000 Are Eligible For These Benefits
A Sample List Of Programs From our website
Free Honorary Diplomas For Veterans
Produce Your Own TV For Cable TV
$30,000 To Teach Overseas
Train To Be A Master Gardener
Go On A Free Archeological Dig
Access To Health Info That’s Better Than Your Doctor
Free Treatment By Expert Doctors Who Get Government Grants
60% Discount On Dental Care
Learn How To Legally Transfer Your Assets To Get Gov To Pay For Long Term Care
Learn How To Get Medicare To Pay For A Motor Scooter
$3,000 To Sell Your Products Overseas
How to Increase Your Retirement Income by 25%
Free Financial Counseling Services
$15,000 Bonus to Teach If You’re A Vet
Free Computer Classes To Learn To Use The Web
2 Weeks Free Travel On A Government Weather Ship
$25,000 For Your Singing Group To Perform Overseas
Free Rollercoaster Rides
$25/Day To Be A Park Ranger In Idaho For The Summer
Get Paid To Be A Teen Counselor In Belize
Free Passports
Exempt from Taking SAT Tests For College Admissions
Spend Your Vacation As A Moose Crossing Guard
Free Hunting, Fishing And Dog Licenses
Get Paid To Give A Speech In A Foreign Country
$1,000,000 At Age 63 To Make High Tech Golf Clubs
$8,000 To Train For A New Job
$250,000 To Work On Your Invention 350 Colleges Where You Can Go For FREE
50% Discount On Property Taxes
Money And Help To Start Your Own Non-Profit
$100,000 Low Interest Loan For A Mobile Home
Save 50% On Your Fuel Bill
Get a $100,000 Home For $1 plus Fix-Up Money
$782,000 Low Interest Loan To Buy A Ranch Or Farm
$5,000,000 To Buy Or Fix Up An Apartment Building
20% Off Your Gas Bill
25% Discount On Utility Bills Because Of Home Medical Equipment
0% Interest Loans To Fix Up Your Home
$700 Rebate On Home Insulation
$150 Rebate On A Dishwasher
90% Discount On Eyeglasses
Free Screenings For Breast Cancer, Vaginal Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, Osteoporosis, Prostate Cancer, Glaucoma
Free Legal Help To Fight The IRS
$2,000 If You Get Mugged
Free Copies Of Your Credit Report
$195 A Month Parking Money
50% Air Line Discount To See Sick Relative
Free Credit Repair
Free Help Finding A Lost Loved One
Free Concert And Theater Tickets
Get A GED, Degree Or PhD For Free
Free Passports
Free Legal Help To Fight Your Bank Or Credit Card Company
Free Legal Help To Fight Age Discrimination
Volunteer For Homeland Security Or Police Duty
Free Wonderer Locator Service
Free Or Cheap Flu Shots
Free Legal Help To Fight Health Care Industry
Free Health Insurance Counseling
Free Information Hotlines For Arthritis, Cancer, Diabetes, Tobacco, Parkinson, Disability, Alzheimer, Mental Health, Osteoporosis
Seniors Who Make Up To $50,000 Are Eligible For These Benefits
These Programs Are Only Available To Seniors With Incomes Under The Amount Stated. If Your Income Is Over The Amount Be Sure To Investigate The Program Anyway Because All Sources Of Income May Not Be Counted, And Some Programs Allow Exceptions.
$3,500 For Emergency Home Repairs….income up to $25,650 per couple
Free Prescription Drugs…income up to $32,000 per person
$500 For Caring For A Relative…income up to $50,000 for household
$120 Off Your Phone Bill…income up to $24,135 per couple
Personal Emergency Response System …income up to $18,432 per person
Free Prescription Drugs…income up to $40,000 per person
$3,000 To Be A Foster Grandparent...income up to $15,756 per person
Grants For Alzheimer Caregivers…income up to $67,000 per household
Free Respite Care For Senior…income up to $30,195 per couple
55+ Get Paid 20 Hours A Week To Learn A New Skill…income up to $20,112 per couple
Save 70% On Rent…income up to $30,450 per person
$7,500 Grant To Fix Up Home…income up to $25,000 per household
$350 For A New Air Conditioner…income up to $24,120 per couple
$100 Off Your Phone Bill…income up to $20,600 per person
$5,000 Grant To Get Rid Of Lead Paint In Your Home…income up to $24,135 per couple
$850 Tax Refund For Seniors In Massachusetts…income up to $55,000
$2,500 To Pay For New Insulation…income up to $24,135 per couple
$600 To Pay For Heating Bills…income up to $21,864 per couple
Free Handyman Services…income up to $34,000 per couple
Free Night Lights And Door Locks…income up to $34,900 per couple
$750 For Emergency Rent Money…income up to $31,150 per couple
$500 To Stop Utility Cut Offs…income up to $22,453 per couple
Pay No More Than 6% Of Income On Utilities…income up to $24,464 per couple
Get Paid To Be A Grandparent…income determined case by case
Free Wheelchair Ramp For Your Home…income up to $26,750 per couple
$4,300 Grant From IRS…income up to $35,000 per taxpayer
Free Health Care When You Have No Insurance (Sliding Scale)
$100 To Buy Fresh Fruit And Vegetable…income up to $23,737 per couple
Get An Extra $1,000…income up to $16,872 per couple
Extra $10,400 For Disability…income up to $9,400 per couple
Free Meals Delivered To Your Home…determined case by case
$3 For Every $1 Dollar Your Save…income up to $25,660 per couple
Discounts At Veterinary Teaching Hospitals….determined case by case
Free Taxies To The Doctors…determined case by case
Money To Auto Repairs, Car Insurance, Or A Tank Of Gas…income up to $32,180 per couple
Free Fans…income determined case by case
$20,000 Worth Of Free Alcohol And Drug Treatment…income up to $45,000 per person
Free Mammograms And Breast And Cervical Cancer Treatment…income up to $46,000 per family
$2,000 For Cancer Patient…determined case by case
$10,000 To Buy A Talking Computer…determined case by case
$20,000 Forgivable Loans To Fix Up Your Home…income up to $46,680 per couple
Financial Assistance For Those Needing Heart Surgery…determined case by case basis
$6,000 To Pay For Groceries…income up to $24,516 per couple
$2,000 Grant To Pay Rent Or Mortgage…income up to $34,135 per couple