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Free Job Training


Actually it is not only in Georgia, but in Florida, Hawaii, Washington, Indiana, Pennsylvania,.... Actually in all 50 STATES! That is right. It is available everywhere.
Howard Pendleton, the Director of Job Training in Columbus, Georgia, spoke to Lil' Lesko about all the services and programs they offer. The Career Centers which are scattered across the country help people who are unemployed or underemployed find the resources and services they need to re-enter the work force and to get a better job. You can find the nearest Career Center by going to and typing in your zip code. The Centers have staff who will sit down and discuss your situation with you to determine your best course of action. If you need training, they can direct you the proper place. If you want to apprentice somewhere, they can help. Mr. Pendleton even spoke of how they helped a woman finish her degree that she had put on hold for several years which allowed her to get a higher paying job. You can take workshops on resume writing, financial training, stress reduction, interview skills, and more. If you need clothes for interviews or work, there are places that offer these for people. Also at the Center are spaces available for local Technical Colleges, Vocational Rehabilitation, and more, so that you really only have to go one place to find what you need. There are computers you can use, databases of jobs you can search, and the list goes on.
Career Centers are also great places for employers. You can talk to the staff about what kind of employee you are looking for and what training you require. You can post jobs, interview people, and more.
The list goes on of all that Career Centers can offer to those in need of services. Contact the nearest on today to see how they can help you.