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Free Research Help From Your Library

Reference Librarians Tell You How To Get Your Information For Free.


Darcy Casavant, Fiction Librarian
Cindy Page, Government Documents Librarian
Houston Public Library

There are people on the web and everywhere else that are selling information and even research services that you can get for free from your local public library.  When I first started in the information business about 30 years ago I would sell my information services to Fortune 500 clients.  They would call me up and ask me questions about their investments, their markets, the technology or even getting money and many times I would get their answer by contacting a reference librarian. I would take the information that the librarian would give me FOR FREE and give it to my client with my bill.
It’s time to cut out the middleman and get the information you need without having to pay a middleman. Reference librarians are there to help you get the information you need on most any subject including:
  • Your home or personal finances.
  • Your investments.
  • Your career.
  • Your family.
  • Your homework.
Here are some highlights from the interview above:
  • They helped people looking for an apartment that is in a low crime rate area…and found the informmation at the local police department.
  • Helped a student looking for answers to a science question.
  • Help people thru their Instant Messenger Service called “info247”.  This service is a network of reference librarians around the world who are assigned questions as they come into the system. If you use this free service you may wind up talking to a free reference librarian in another state or country.  (Check if your library has  a service or see…
Helped people affected by the hurricane, including:
  • Free use of library computers.
  • Free use of wiFi.
  • Free help filling out forms to receive government money.
  • Free place for groups to meet.
  • Free help getting free tarps to cover a house with roof problems.
  • Free use of expensive investor databases and information services.
  • Free use of an expensive database on grants.
  • Help people start non-profit organizations and find grants.
  • Help people find scholarships.
  • Help people after they used Google and did not get an answer.
  • Free computer classes and English classes.
  • Free help finding a job.
  • Free use of computers that use Chinese characters.
  • Help locating free assistance to start your own business.
Why call someone like Matthew Lesko who will charge you for information when you can call your library and get it for free.