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Get A Good Green Job or Business with Little Educationor Training


Michael Woo, Got Green
Promoting Pathways To Prosperity
Stacy C. Noland, Founder & CEO
Moontown Foundation
People, Planet, Prosper

  Interview Highlights

  • They provide free training and counseling to get a good green job.
  • The opportunity in green jobs today is like jobs in computers 25 years ago.
  • How to help people from the hood take advantage of the new green jobs?
  • An individual has to be ready to take advantage of the opportunity.
  • How low-income people can get a good job that also fixes the planet?
  • Typically low-income youth are the last to hear about a new opportunity.
  • Big job opportunities that do not require a college degree.
  • The true pathway to prosperity is creating your own business.
  • They train young men and women to learn how to weatherize a home.
  • It costs about $8,000 to learn how to weatherize a home.
  • This training is free to the student.
  • People in training become a Certified Home Energy Auditor.
  • They work with people who usually don’t have a lot of hope.
  • There are a lot of people who want this opportunity, but don’t know about it.
  • More organizations like this will be popping up around the country.
  • In 1994, Stacy taught himself HTML and with $750 he started a company doing websites and in a few years he had a multi-million business.
  • The Green jobs industry now is like the computer business in 1994.
  • If you get into this industry 10 years from now, it will be too late.
  • There are also a lot of opportunities out there to start a non-profit to help people get green jobs.