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Our database is America's largest single source of information on Government Grants, Loans, Free Services, Gifts, Free Travel and Free Expertise.
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  670 Programs To Help Pay Bills Or Living Expenses
787 Programs To Help Start Or Expand A Business
499 Programs To Buy Or Fix-Up Homes Or Real Estate
97 Programs For Your Non-Profit Organization
568 Programs That Provide Free Health Care
189 Programs That Provide Free Legal Help
851 Programs For Education And Training
267 Programs For Energy Conservation
85 Programs For Veterans
124 Programs For People With Disabilities
311 Programs For Seniors
147 Programs For Artists
260 Programs For Kids
86 Programs For People Who Like To Travel
122 Programs To Help You Get A Better Job
  The average family is eligible for $20,000 a year in benefits but doesn't know where and how to apply.
Only 12% of government programs go to the poor and 75% government programs have no income requirements at all.
As a taxpayer you are paying for over 17,000 government benefit programs worth over $1.5 trillion per year.
Don't waste time with Google that lists millions of websites on government grants. These websites are selling you something. Our list gives you only those programs that actually hand out the money and services to help solve your problem or achieve your goal.
We Guarantee: Based on Income Alone, Every American Is Eligible For At Least the Number of Programs Stated Below No Matter How Much, or How Little, Money You Make: