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Free Help With Your Mortgage

Please note that Acorn is no longer open. They shut their doors in 2010. However, other non-profits offer this type of service. Please check your local HUD-approved housing counseling agency for a list of non-profits offering help in your area:

Theresa Naylor, Acorn Housing
New England Regional Director
Springfield, Massachusetts

  • Non-Profit Counseling Services paid by government and private money to help you buy a house or solve your credit or mortgage problems.  Unlike companies in the financial industry these people are not in business to sell you another mortgage or financial product and are just here to help you and they do it for free.
  • The Biggest Mistake People Make With There Credit Problems is…
  • They Don’t Go Looking For Help
  • Income Limits for Help: Up To About $70,000+ ( be sure to check because income my vary )
  • First Time Homebuyer Classes
  • How To Fix It When You’ve Fallen Behind In Your Mortgage
  • hey Do The Work Of The Bank In Order To fix Your Problem But Will Do It For Free
  • 34 Offices Around The Country
  • They Help You With Your Problem Over The Phone Or In Person
  • Free Help To Protect Yourself With A Reverse Home Mortgage
  • Free Help For Renters
  • In The Financial Services Industry You Say What You Have To To Make A Sale
  • If You Are Worried About The Future Of Your Loan Or You Are Having Trouble Now Contact Acorn Now For Free Help To Analyze Your Mortgage
  • Forgivable Loans If You Stay In The Home For 5 to 7 Years
  • Come To A Foreclosure Fair And Bring Your Mortgage For On-The-Spot Evaluation
  • To Access This Free Help
    Contact: See List of 37 Offices On Left Side Of Web Site
  • Acorn Housing
    209 W. Jackson St., Third Floor
    Chicago, IL 60606
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