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Ag Grants for Individuals, Researchers,

Farmers, Consultants and Students

Laura Hunsberger
West University of Maryland Extension Service &
SARE Representative for Maryland
Question and Answer Session
Includes Other Speakers

North Central Regional SARE:
Northeast Region SARE:
Western Region SARE:
Farmer Grants
Up to $15,000 to Test Money Saving Ideas on Your Farm or Ranch
Partnership Grants
Up to $15,000 for Researchers, Service Provides and Ag Business.
Consultants to Test New Ideas.
Sustainable Community Grants
Up to $15,000 for Projects That Will Help Sustainable Agriculture and.
Increase Economic Development.
Graduate Student Grant
Up to $15,000 for Graduate Students to Work on Projects.
Professional Development Grants
Up to $200,000 for Cooperative Education Extension Educators.
and other Agricultural Professionals
Research and Education Grants
Up to $190,000 for Projects That Will Improve Farming Practices.
and Enhance the Quality of Life For Farmers.
Speakers Fund
Up to $1,000 to Bring In a Sustainable Agriculture Speaker to Your Conference.
Free Sustainable Farmer Educators for Your Group
Free Grant Writing Workshops.
Interview Highlights
  • Nationwide program.
  • The Western region has just adopted a graduate student program.
  • Large grants go mostly to researchers and universities.
  • Small grants go to individuals.
  • Outcome statement should make sure the project is profitable and sustains the environment.
  • Large grants go up to $190,000 and you send in a pre-proposal to see if it is worth your effort to apply.
  • Professional development grants are more for educators and go up to $120,000.
  • The application for Farmers Grants comes out in mid-Fall and applications are due about December 1.
  • You get up to $15,000 to put an experiment on your farm.
  • It looks at new environmentally sound, profitable and beneficial practices.
  • It requires a technical advisor, but that can be someone from the Dept. of Agriculture or local County Cooperation Agency, or another farmer that did something similar.
  • Technical Advisors are not paid. It is part of their job.
  • Free grant writing classes and help are available.
  • You put in a rate for your time in the grant proposal.
  • About 1/3rd of the people who apply get a grant.
  • Sustainable and Community Grants are for community and agricultural organizations.
  • Graduate student grants are new and are for research.
  • Educators will come to your group to speak and there is a speakers fund to help other experts speak at your conference or meeting.
This video was made at Future Harvest SASA Annual Convention