1) Do The Books Really Work?

2) How Up-To-Date Are The Books?

3) What Do I Do If The Information Is Wrong?

4) Do Leskoís Books Contain Grant Applications?

5) Who Can Help Me Find A Program In The Book?

6) How Do I Get What I Need Out Of Leskoís Book?

7) Where Else Can I Buy Leskoís Books?

8) Has Lesko Ever Received Money Using His Own Books?

9) How Do I Receive A Brochure Or Information On Your Company?

10) How Can I Get In Touch With Matthew?

11) How Long Does It Take To Receive Government Money?

12) Iíve Been To The Website and Iíve Seen The Commercials, But I Still Need More Information About The Books.

13) Where Can I Get Money To Pay Off My Credit Card Bills?

14) Where Can I Get Money To Pay Off My Student Loans?

15) Isnít It A Lot Of Paperwork?

16) What Do I Do If I Donít Get The Money?

17) Where Do I Go For Free Money For College?

18) Where Can I Get Free Money For Real Estate?

19) Where Can I Get Free Money To Start Or Expand A Business?

20) How Do I Get Free Money and Help If I Have A Disability?

21) Does Lesko Do Customized Research?

22) Where Does Lesko Get His Question Mark Suits?

23) How Can I Get Help To Pay For Health Care?

1) Do The Books Really Work?
The real answer is yes and no. They do work, but not 100% for each and every buyer. Over 30 million people a year get grants from the government and non-profit organizations. But we cannot guarantee that everyone who purchases the book will have success.

My books are like diet books. Diet books are sold with titles like ìThinner Thighs in 30 Daysî and are not sold with worst case possibilities like ìYou May Or May Not Lose Weight and Itís Going To Take A Lot Of Effort.î My titles also make the process sound easier than it really is. If my titles told the worst case scenario and not the best case scenario they would not be called things like ìFree Money To Change Your Life,î they would be called something like ìYou May Or May Not Get The Money And It Takes A Lot Of Work.î Many of the people who purchase the book will not be able to make one telephone call and then get a check in the mail within 10 days to change their life.

It is more likely going to take work and perseverance to get what you need. Nothing good in life is easy. There are bureaucratic hurdles to go over in order to get the money. Some programs are limited and do not go to everyone who applies, even if they are eligible. But there are other programs where everyone who applies gets the money.

2) How Up-To-Date Are The Books?
The best-selling ones are updated about every 6 months. That is what is so nice about publishing my own books. Twenty years ago, big New York publishers, like Viking Penguin, used to publish my books and they would sell them for 20 years and still not update them. I still get royalty checks form publishers from titles that are over 20 years old. That means they are still selling them. We try to update our popular titles every time we go back to print.

3) What Do I Do If The Information Is Wrong?
Unfortunately, all our books are out-of-date as soon as they are printed. That is what life is like in our fast changing society. The same way the telephone directory is out-of-date or any other printed material. Even websites are out-of-date. This is why we warn the reader in the introduction of almost every book about the timeliness of the material. In our ever-changing world it is next to impossible to keep up with the daily changes of offices and programs. But we try by updating our popular books every 6 months or so, depending on the title.

Here are a few sources that can help keep you up-to-date on the latest in government money. I think it is important for every taxpayer to take advantage of what they are paying for:

- is the federal governmentís single reference source for all federal money programs. This is one of the sources that we use and it is updated every 6 months.

- is a good place to check for the latest programs in your state, city and county governments.

- is a place to identify your two U.S. Senators and one Congressman who have people on their staff that will help you identify programs that might help you.

- The Federal Information Center is a free government locator service that can find the best office that can get you the money or help you need: or 1-800- FED- INFO.

The book that offers the best collection of over 15,000 money sources for both your private life (mortgage, rent, utilities, health care, kids, etc.) and also has money sources for your professional life (career, education, entrepreneuring, etc.) is ìHow To Write And Get A Grantî at And if you want to know how to keep all these sources as up-to-date as possible you should consider the 6-hour training program that goes along with this book.

Remember that we offer a 90-day refund policy because we donít want you to have anything you are not comfortable with.

4) Do Leskoís Books Contain Grant Applications?
We have two products that contain official government applications:

1) 50 Successful Government Money Applications on (CD ROM)

This shows you the original copies of applications from people who were successful in getting money. You see everything from people who received $275,000 to start an auto repair shop to $5,000 to write poetry. (See or call 1-800-955-POWER)

2) Leskoís Federal Money Finder For Business (CD ROM or Ebook)

This product gives you the official applications for over 200 federal government money programs that provide money for people to start or expand a business. It is only for business and entrepreneuring offering programs only at the federal level. (See or call 1-800-955-POWER)

5) Who Can Help Me Find A Program In The Book?
Unfortunately, we do not have a staff that helps individual readers find specific programs in the book. The only customized research service we currently offer is for Real Estate Programs. See or call 1-800-955-POWER.

See topic below called ìHow Do I Get What I Need Out Of Leskoís Book,î to learn how to find what you are looking for.

6) How Do I Get What I Need Out Of Leskoís Book?
Because there are literally thousands of sources in any Lesko book, their size creates both an opportunity and a problem. Here are the steps I recommend for getting the most out of your purchase and getting the programs you need.

Step #1: Review The Book

It is important to go through the entire book. You donít have to read everything, but you have to at least review the title of every entry. Place a check mark on those entries that you feel MIGHT be of some interest to you. You can also place a post-it note on the edge of the page or turn down the corner of the page so you can easily return to it.

Step #2: Assign A Grade To Likely Programs

Two grades can be enough, but it must be at least two. Read each entry in detail and place either an ìAî or ìBî next to the entry. Using a ì1î or ì2î is also good. The higher grade should identify those entries that seem more likely and the lower grade should identify programs that are a little less likely, but are ìmaybes.î

Step #3: Follow-Up Immediately

As you probably guessed from reading the step above, you should now go back and contact all your ìAî list programs first. Leave your ìBî list programs for a later round. You want to tackle the most obvious first. You can start digging deeper later, but you may not have to. I know it sounds like an obvious choice, but some people get overwhelmed with so many places to go to. This prioritizes the process for you.

Step #4: Contact the Agency Directly

This is a must. Do not assume that you know everything about the program just by reading the description in the book. You have to get the details before you make the decision if this is a program for you. You can contact the agency in any of four ways:

  • by telephone,
  • by email,
  • by website, or
  • in person

You may even want to do a combination. You can go to the website and review their programs, then call and ask for specifics. But remember, even if you get details about a specific program on the web, be sure you contact the agency by phone or email to ensure you have the complete information. Like printed material in books, a lot of material on the web can also be out-of-date or even misleading.

Step #5: Be Careful What You Ask For

Your initial contact with an agency should be friendly. Many people are intimidated to contact any government agency. Remember, you donít have to know what you are talking about, because most of the bureaucrats donít know what they are talking about either. This is the government, remember. Your best approach is to try to be as inclusive as possible in your initial contact. Try not to say things that can get you a ìnoî answer right off the bat. For example, donít let the first words out of your mouth be:

ìHi, I want a grant to buy a townhouse. Will you give me one?î

This can get the door closed on you right away, when in fact there may be lots of money sitting there waiting for you. The bureaucrat answering the phone may not be aware of any grant programs because he just started working there a few weeks ago and does not know all the programs. Or he may not be aware of any money that says ìtownhouseî on the label. He will look down his list for the word ìtownhouseî and tell you that there is no money available. The government may be offering other kinds of money that donít have the name ìgrantî attached to it, but it means the same thing. They may be offering money in the form of ìdirect paymentsî or under a program called ìloans,î but in fact you never have to pay back the money if you live in the house for more than three years. Thatís just as good as a grant.

You can miss a lot by trying to be very specific. The problem is that most people in the government donít even know what is available. By being specific, the official can find an easier way to tell you ìnoî and send you on your way. Youíll be happy, because this is what you sort of expected anyway, and the official will be happy because he doesnít have to do any more work. It is much better to start with something like:

ìHi. Iím trying to get a description of all the money programs that are available for housing or real estate.î

You want the official to stretch his/her imagination and try to come up with a complete list for you. When you get a complete descriptive listing, review it in close detail and call the office back and tell them all the programs for which you would like to apply.

Step #6: Donít Leave Empty Handed

If after reviewing all their programs you decide that they have nothing for you, you have one more important thing to do before you move on. Call up one of the program officers and tell them about your search. See if they are aware of any programs that may suit your needs, or if they know of other agencies that have ANY kind of financial assistance for housing and real estate (or whatever you are looking for).

These people are in the business and are likely to attend meetings and conventions where other people like them from other agencies who hand out money also attend. They are on the front line of the housing money market and will likely know other people who do this work.

Step #7: Apply, Apply, Apply

Keep going through this process and keep applying to as many programs as possible. Apply even if people tell you that you have a very small chance of getting the money. Apply even if they tell you that you ìmayî not be qualified. When you hear terms like ìmayî or ìsmall chance,î this still means that you do have a chance, and that is all you need.

Donít worry about filling out so many applications. Once youíve done the first one, the rest are pretty much the same. The whole process is a numbers game. Just like the lottery, you have to play to win.

Step #8: No Application Is A Problem

No matter how easy the application may appear you are likely to encounter some difficulty with at least one question. But this is not a real problem, as there is plenty of help.

The best way to handle this is to call the office giving out the money and ask to speak to a ìprogram officerî for the program to which you are applying. These are the people who are directly involved in handing out the money. Be blunt and tell them that you ìhave no idea what they are talking about in question #6 on the application.î You are probably not the first person in the world who had trouble with that question. The office probably realizes it is confusing, but didnít have money in the budget to reprint the forms.

If for some reason you are not getting help directly from the office giving out the money, you can always contact the office of your elected official. This is your Congressman or Senator at the federal level, your state elected official for state programs, and your councilman or mayor at the local level. They all have people on their staff whose job it is to solve problems that taxpayers are having with the government.

Step #9: See What A Winning Application Looks Like

You can always contact the office who is giving out the money and ask to see a copy of a winning application from someone who got the money last year. This is your money the government is handing out and you have a right to see how they are spending it. If the agency is not helpful in getting you an application, ask to speak to their Freedom Of Information Act Office. Every federal agency and most state agencies have such offices. They can tell you where to send your request to make sure that it is handled properly. This procedure could take a few weeks or even months, so be careful if you are looking for something in a hurry.

Step #10: Itís Important To Be A Nag

We all hate to be nags. But it is important because a piece of paper can get lost so easily in a mountain of paperwork.

  • Call to make sure they sent out your application.
  • Call to make sure they received your application.
  • Call to make sure you know when you will be notified if you are accepted.
  • Call a few days after the notification date if you have not heard anything yet.

It may be uncomfortable at times, but the squeaky wheel does get attention.

Step #11: Success And Failure Are Both Good

If you get the money, call. Make sure you thank them and ask all the stupid questions you think are necessary to know when, where, and how you are going to get your money.

If your application is rejected, be sure you call anyway. This is the only way you may learn the truth about why you did not get the money. Ask how soon you can apply again. They may be accepting applications every month and too many people applied last month. You always have to keep learning how and why organizations give out money, and by being an applicant you are in a wonderful position to ask.

7) Where Else Can I Buy Leskoís Books?
My books are very popular and are available through many of the major outlets in America, including bookstores, Home Shopping Network and the web. Other sellers of our books may offer a larger discount than we offer, but that is rare. Major bookstores like Barnes and Noble, Borders, and Books-A-Million can also order them for you if they do not have them in stock. Unfortunately, when buying one of my books through a third party you may also encounter a different refund policy.

If you purchase directly from us, you will be guaranteed that you will received the most current edition and that you will have a 90-day, ìno questions askedî refund policy. But no matter where you purchase the book, I thank you for thinking of us.

8) Has Lesko Ever Received Money Using His Own Books?
I donít receive as much money now as I did when I was young and beginning my career. Back then I received small business money and money to go to graduate school. I got an MBA thanks to the government. But now my entire family uses government money more than I do. I pay only about 50% of both my kidís college tuition. The rest we get through government money and from non-profit organizations. I was surprised that even with the money I make I can still get all this help for my kids.

My sister makes hundreds of thousands of dollars selling her art framing business to the government. She works out of a little frame shop in the middle of Virginia supplying art to government offices around the country. My wife also gets tens of thousands of dollars worth of government contracts working out of our dining room table.

And my wife, two kids and I have gone on three family vacations thanks to government programs. The program is called Passports In Time and we have gone on a free archeological dig in Alaska, worked in Marine Biology off the coast of Maine and restored historic log cabins in the middle of the woods in upstate Minnesota. You have to pay to get there, but the experience is worth thousands. See Passport in Time Clearinghouse, 800-281-9176,

Every year my entire family continues to get free help and information from the worldís greatest experts that are available in the government. I continue to use government resources for free legal help, free health care and investment information.

9) How Do I Receive A Brochure Or Information On Your Company?
We would be happy to send you enough brochures to wall paper your basement if you wish. But if you are simply looking for information on our current products and services you can find them on the website at, or you can call our office at 1-800-955-POWER.

10) How Can I Get In Touch With Matthew?
I still see myself as a struggling kid that grew up In Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania who is still trying to make a living. For a kid who flunked English in college, I am very grateful for have written over 100 books and having two of those books be on the New York Times best seller lists. This notoriety makes is difficult to personally respond to every single question that is asked of me. This is why we have this list of questions and answers. But if you really want to try to get hold of me you can leave a message at 1-800-955-POWER and it may wind up on my desk. Or use snail mail at: Matthew Lesko, Information USA, Inc., 12801 Nebel Street , Rockville , MD 20852 . Be sure to make all correspondence ìPersonal and Confidential.î

11) How Long Does It Take To Receive Government Money?
You should allow at least one month to receive the money. There is no one answer because every program follows different rules and regulations that they must follow. Iíve seen programs that say they will give you an answer if they will give you the money within10 working days. This was for a business program at the local level. Remember, no matter what you say or believe it is very unlikely that you have the power to change the bureaucracy. Some programs only give out their money at certain times of the year. Some programs give out all of their money on a ìfirst-come, first-servedî basis and then you have to wait till next year to apply.

Remember, if you are looking for money fast you do not have time to change the system; what you want to do is learn and use the system.

12) Iíve Been To The Website and Iíve Seen The Commercials But I Still Need More Information About The Books.
If you are still having trouble deciding, there may not be an easy answer. You always have 90-days to return any of our products with no questions asked. Another way to solve this problem is to contact your public library and see if they have copies of our latest editions for you to look at.

13) Where Can I Get Money To Pay Off My Credit Card Bills?
The government has literally thousands of programs that are available for people to pay all kinds of day-to-day living expenses, like food, telephone or just extra money to pay off anything like your credit card bills. There are literally millions of people who are eligible for these programs and do not apply because they do not think they are eligible or do not know where to go. This list if meant to be a starting place of sources to turn to when looking for money to pay your daily expenses. We have a book that describes 4,000 programs like these called ìFree Money To Pay Your Bills.î (See or call 1-800-955-POWER.)

When you contact a government office for help just donít use the word ìgrantî when asking about available money programs. I know this is the most common term used by people seeking help, but you cut yourself out of a lot of suitable programs. Programs are established using all kinds of names including grants, direct payments, loans you donít have to pay back, assistance payments, vouchers, or even services. So when you are looking for this kind of money try not to use the word ìgrantî and just use the word ìassistance.î This way you are more likely to find all the possible programs that can help you.

 Yes, you are right. There are income requirements for some of these programs. But remember every program has a different requirement. And even if they have an income requirement, it may be different for different parts of the country. And if the program says it is only for people with low-income, you may be shocked that what the government considers low-income. It can be as much as $35,000 or more for some of the basic programs and I have even seen income requirements going up to $80,000 for some housing programs in the New York area. And remember, by contacting the right bureaucrat there can always be exceptions to the rules.

You canít stop if you donít find what you need in the programs below. Space precludes us from listing the thousands more that are available and publishing deadlines prevent us from having the latest. So, here is where you can turn to continue your work in getting what you need:

1. Find More Federal Money Programs

Look at a book called the Catalog Of Federal Domestic Assistance. It contains all the federal government programs that give out money. This book is available at your local public library or the U.S. Government Printing Office ( You can also search the contents of this book, by key word or government department, for free on the web at

2. Find More State Money Programs

Every state government has dozens of money programs that help people pay their expanses. The problem is that there is never one central place to look. You have to go agency by agency, or department by department and search for what is available. Some good departments to start are health, agriculture, commerce, and social services. You can find them by dialing 411 and asking for your state capitol operator or by going to the web at and clicking on your state.

3. Find More Local City and County Programs

Start looking at every local city and county government for programs that might help. If you donít know where to go you can call 411 and ask for the mayorís office or the office of the county executive. Just tell them you are looking for programs that might provide financial assistance to residents. You can also go to and under each state there will be a listing of all cities and counties. Click on those of interest and start searching for programs.

4. Find More Money From Non-Profit Organizations

There are two major sources for finding money from these groups:

A. The Foundation Center of New York City maintains a database of all foundations that provide money to non-profit organizations or individuals. The information is available on the web at or from their participating libraries by contacting 212-620-4230

B. The Guidestar company in Williamsburg, VA also maintains a database of foundations and they can reached at 757-229-4631 or at Much of their database is accessible for free on the web.

5. Volunteer Organizations

There are a number of national volunteer organizations around the country that offer grants and other free services to solve problems for people in their community. The Lions Club awarded over $340 million in grants since they started, and the Kiwanis Clubs give out over $100 million every year.

Find your local club for each of the organizations below and contact them for information on their programs. If they do not have an ongoing program that specifically suits you, you can ask if you can send a letter of request for their consideration. It canít hurt to ask. Weíve used these clubs in this way to help people in our ìShow Me The Money Contest.î

These organizations run programs that offer money for:

- day care services,
- summer camp,
- scholarships,
- travel,
- free eye glasses,
- cataract surgeries,
- health problems,
- medical equipment, and
- money for emergencies

Kiwanis International
3636 Woodview Trace
Indianapolis, IN 46268-3196
(317) 875-8755
find a local Kiwanis club

United States Junior Chamber
P.O. Box 7
Tulsa, OK 74102
- find a local Jaycees chapter

Lions Clubs International
300 W 22 nd Street
Oak Brook , IL 60523
630-571-5466 , ext. 356
630-571-5466 , ext. 356
-find a local lions club

 6. Find Money For Emergencies

There are a number of national groups that provide free money and services thru a network of local office. Check each of the groups below and see what their local offices have to offer.

Catholic Charities USA
1731 King St., #200
Alexandria, VA 22314

- Over 14,000 local organizations offer a variety of services for many different community problems including child care, elderly services, emergency financial services, rental assistance, and more. To find an office near you go to their main web site and see ìNeed Assistance? Find A Local Agency?î and put in your state.

Salvation Army National Headquarters
615 Slaters Lane
P.O. Box 269
Alexandria, VA 22313

- Families in need can receive a wide range of services, including utility assistance, transitional housing emergency food, clothing, and more. For an office near you contact the headquarters above or

7. Find A Local Non-Profit With Money And Services

The United Way is a national organization that raises money for thousands of local non-profit organizations who offer money and services to people in their community. Your local United Way can identify non-profits in your area that may offer the resources or services you are looking for. Contact:

United Way of America
701 North Fairfax St.
Alexandria, VA 2314
- To find a local chapter go to the website and enter your zip code under
ìFind A Local United Way.î

 8. Find Your Local Community Action Agency

Over 1,000 local non-profit offices offer free money and help to improve your life in almost any area. Although these agencies do get money from the federal government they also get money from other sources and as a result no two of these offices are exactly alike. But most all offer help in the area of employment, bill paying, child care and self-employment. The following is a sample of programs you will find when you contact an offer near you. Along with the program, we also identify the local agency providing this program.

Get a $3 grant for every $1 you save
Community Action Partnership

$10,000 no-interest, no-payment, forgivable loans for home repairs
CFS Economic Opportunity Corporation

Buy a home with only $1,000
CEFS Economic Opportunity Corporation

$3,000 grant to fix-up your furnace
CEFS Economic Opportunity Corporation

$25,000 no-interest, no-payment, forgivable loan for home fix-up
CEFS Economic Opportunity Corporation

$2,000 to pay heating bills
CEFS Economic Opportunity Corporation

Free Car if you pay repairs and registration
CAP Agency Shakopee, MI

Free Crisis Nursery, up to 73 hours of overnight care and 10 days day care
CAP Agency Shakopee, MI

Eviction Prevention
TEAM , Inc Derby, CT

$10,000 to start a business
Community Action Program, Inc of Western Indiana

$700 for child care
Community and Family Services, Inc. Portland , IN

$350 for an air conditioner
City of Des Moines , Iowa

$1,000 To Repair Furnace
City of Des Moines , Iowa

$45/month for pre-school
Mid-Sio ux Opportunity, Inc., Remsen , IA

To find a community action agency near you go to: or contact Community Action Partnership, 1100 17 th Street NW, Suite 500, Washington, DC 20036; 202-265-7546, Fax: 202-265-8850,

If your local agency doesnít have what you need ask for names of other organizations who might be able to help.

You live in America and pay taxes; you have a right to know about and use these programs. If you run into a road block, donít let a little negative feedback stop you. Try the next program, and then the next. And then start looking for more. This country has so much to offer, but you have to find it.

14) Where Can I Get Money To Pay Off My Student Loans?
There are over 100 programs available from government, non-profit organizations and employers that will give you money to buy down your college debt. We will have a separate publication soon that will identify these programs. Keep an eye on our website. You can also use ìHow To Write And Get A Grantî for more sources on this subject at or 1-800-955-POWER. Here are a few programs that may help:

$4,725 to $7,400 To Help Pay Off Student Loans
If you're willing to devote a year of your life volunteering to help bring communities and individuals out of poverty, your student loans could cease to exist. Americorps will reward you with $4,725 to spend on your college debts, and a stipend of up to $7,400 just for joining their volunteer program for one year. If you successfully complete one full-time term of service you will be eligible for an award of $4,725, complete one part-time term of service and you will be eligible for an award of $2,362.50. If you are in a short-term program, such as a summer program, you will be eligible for a "reduced part-time" award; usually $1,000 or less. For more information contact the Corporation for National and Community Service Headquarters, 1201 New York Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C. 20525; (202) 606-5000,

Pay Off $4,725 of Your Student Loans Through Volunteer Work
Would you like to be free of those exasperating student loan hanging over your head? By volunteering for worthwhile causes such as community development and illiteracy in the United States you can eliminate a large portion of your student loans. VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America ) will pay off $4,725 of your loans if you join in on their cause for at least 1,700 hours. Participants are eligible to receive either an education award or end-of-service stipend of $1,200. To learn more contact the Corporation for National and Community Service Headquarters, 1201 New York Avenue, NW; Washington, D.C. 20525; (800) 942-2677,

Serve Your Country and Slash $10,000 Off Your Student Debt
Be on your way to loan forgiveness and buff up at the same time! If you join the Army Reserve or the National Guard after graduation, you can receive up to $10,000 to pay off your student loans. If you're the sort of person who doesn't mind the occasional brush with death, ask to be stationed in areas of hostility and you could get even more money. For more information contact the United States Army Reserve Command (USARC), 1401 Deshler Street, S.W., Fort McPherson, GA 30330-2000; ( 800) 359-8483 ,

Receive $5000 To Help Pay Off Student Loans While Making A Difference
If you are a teacher and have student loans you simply can not afford, this program is for you. The Federal Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program offers individuals who teach full-time for five consecutive complete academic years, in certain elementary and secondary schools serving low-income families, forgiveness of up to a combined total of $5,000 in principal and interest of their Direct Loan and/or Federal Family Education Loan Programs (FFELP) loans. For more information, contact American Education Services AES /PHEAA, Attn: Loan Discharge, 1200 N. 7th Street , Harrisburg , PA 17102-1444 ; (800) 692-7392,

Agricultural Graduates Get $10,000 in Loan Forgiveness
If you are an agriculture or veterinary medicine graduate who helps operate a family farm or practice veterinary medicine that includes agricultural animals in Pennsylvania, you are eligible for a maximum award of $10,000 in loan forgiveness payments. To learn more about these exciting offers, contact the Agriculture Education Loan Forgiveness Program, P.O. Box 8114, Harrisburg, PA 17105-8114; (717) 720-2800,

PA Nurses Receive $12,500 to Pay off Loans
Imagine... repaying your student loans just by doing your job. To help recruit and retain qualified nursing in Pennsylvania, the "Nursing Loan Forgiveness for Healthier Futures" program was created to help struggling nurses repay their student loans. By working for a participating Pennsylvania health care organization after graduation from an approved nursing education program, you may receive student loan forgiveness for up to 25 percent (a maximum of $12,500) of your eligible debt over a three-year period. Donít postpone this opportunity; contact the American Education Services, Nursing Loan Forgiveness for Healthier Futures Program, Lender School Team, PO Box 2461, Harrisburg, PA 17105-2461; ( 800) 859-5442

$9,900 In Loan Forgiveness
Teachers: are you having a difficult time paying back your student loans? If so the State of Pennsylvania is here to help. The Quality Early Education Loan Forgiveness program offers monthly student loan debt assistance to graduates working in Pennsylvania in the field of Early Childhood Education. If you are eligible, the program will forgive up to one-sixth of your qualifying loan debt annually, not to exceed the maximum of $3,300 per year for three years or the programís $9,900 maximum benefit. For more information about this awesome opportunity, please contact the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency, PA State Grants and Special Programs, 1200 N 7th St , Harrisburg , PA 17102-1444 ; (800) 233-0557,

$2,500 Per Year To Repay Loans
Due to a critical Teacher shortage in Florida, the Florida Department of Education is offering teachers forgiveness of their student loans. If you are a Florida teacher and you are certified in a critical teacher shortage subject area, contact The Office of Student Financial Assistance, 1940 North Monroe Street, Suite 70, Tallahassee, Florida 32303-4759; (888) 827-2004,

Free Money To Pay Off Student Loans
The U.S. Federal Government has established a student loan repayment program, which authorizes agencies to repay certain types of federally insured student loans as a recruitment or retention incentive for highly qualified personnel. If you qualify, an agency may agree to provide student loan repayment benefits of up to $10,000 per calendar year, subject to a cumulative maximum of $60,000 per employee. For more information, contact The Office of Personnel Management,1900 E Streets NW, Washington, DC 20415-1000; (202) 606-1800, TTY (202) 606-2532,

15) Isnít It a Lot Of Paperwork?
A lot of people say, ìHey, Lesko ñ isnít it a lot of paperwork to get money from the government or other places?î And the answer is yes, it could be. But who cares? Who cares if it takes you a night to fill out the paperwork, or a week, two weeks, a month, or if it is one page or 1,000 pages? Where else are you going to get $1,000 to do something, or $100,000 or a quarter of a million dollars?

What about the last week, the last month? What did you do that month? So many people say it makes them stop. It becomes an insurmountable hurdle. It is an excuse not to do something because they have to fill out some 20-page form. And thatís not always true. There is a program, if you want to start a business that only has two pages to fill out, and you get $150,000. So, the paperwork should not stop you.

Sure, some of the complicated grant proposals may take 20 or 30 pages, and it could take you a couple of weeks to complete. But again, if you are getting $100,000 or a quarter of a million dollars to work on your invention, that is worth the effort. You have to do it. Remember, with every hurdle in life, you have to figure out a way over it, around it or through it. If you do not, you are out of the game, and you should not have started the game in the beginning.

16) What Do I Do If I Donít Get The Money?
The basic laws of nature state that not everyone is going to make one telephone call and get all the money they need by next Thursday. It is also a basic law of nature that no matter how many programs we put into this book we are still going to leave a whole bunch out that may be able to help someone. There are tens of thousands of money programs out there and no one source is ever going to have them all.

So, if you donít find what you need in this book, or even if you do find what you need, but you still want more, Iím going to list here some other sources that I want to make sure you contact when looking for organizations that provide money and help.

1) Free Research From The Federal Information Center

This a free government locator service that will help you find any federal government office. You can contact them about money programs, free services, or anything. Why not? Itís free. 1-800- FED- INFO or

2) Your Elected Officials Can Help You Use The System

You have elected officials who can operate the system for you to help you locate money, services or anything else you need. Or they act as your advocate when the system does not seem to be working for you. They all have people on their staff whose job it is to help people in their district. This is why over 95% of politicians who run for reelection win. If they do a favor for you, you will vote for them forever, no matter what they do. Remember:
-You have 1 congressman and 2 senators at the federal level. You can contact all three of these representatives
- You have more than one elected official in your state capital.
- You also have an elected representative at your city and county level.

Contact them all.

They are all getting a government salary to help you and they all have access to different resources. The worst that can happen is that more than one person solves your problem. Go to and search for your federal, state and local elected officials.

3) Your State Capitol Operator Can Connect You

Many times the best place to start looking for help is at the state level because many of the federal money programs may originate in Washington, but they actually reach the consumer thru state government agencies. These operators, in most states, also act as information brokers and are trained to connect you to the proper government office that might be of help. You can locate the operator for your state by calling 411 and asking for the state capitol operator in your state capitol. You can also look at and click on your state and begin your search.

4) Look At The Programs Differently

If there is nothing exactly for you in the programs in these books or the programs in the databases and other places given, you may have to start looking at all of the programs differently. Opportunities may not be obvious. For example, if you are looking for money to start a jazz club and cannot find any programs that are set aside for jazz, music or clubs, you may be able to get the money from a number of programs that have been established for other reasons. Like money for people who want to open a business in certain zip code. These programs donít care what kind of business it is as long as you put it in a certain zip code. So it might as well be a jazz club. Or programs that hand out money to train people for new jobs. They donít care if the jobs are in a jazz club.

Opportunities are not always obvious. It may take some original thinking. So begin your search again. Look through the book, and through the major sources of money which we list again below:

Federal Money Programs

Look at a book called the Catalog Of Federal Domestic Assistance. This book is available at your local public library or the U.S. Government Printing Office ( You can also search the contents of this book for free on the web at

State Money Programs

Every state has money for almost every endeavor or life situation. You can start your search by contacting your state capitol operator in your state capitol by calling 411 or by going to the web at and clicking on your state.

Money From Non-Profit Organizations

The following are the major sources for finding money from non-profit organizations

- The Foundation Center of New York City maintains a database of all foundations who provide money to non-profit organizations or individuals. The information is available on the web at or from their participating libraries by contacting 212-620-4230

- The Guidestar company in Williamsburg, VA also maintains a database of foundations and they can reached at 757-229-4631 or at Much of their database is accessible for free on the web.

5) How Can You Do It With No Money

Life will continue to give us challenges and our life will be determined by how we handle these challenges. Every time we attempt to do something there will always be something or someone who will attempt to put a road block in our way. What the job of life is, is figuring out how you are going to go around, through or over the road block.

- Letís say you want to become a real estate millionaire, but for some reason you applied to 100 grants for real estate and got nothing. Then consider learning the business on someone elseís money. Put a small ad in the real estate section of the paper that you are available to look for property for real estate investors who have the money but not the time to look for opportunities. You can charge by the hour and once you do this for someone else you will then learn all the ins and outs of doing it yourself.

- Letís say you want to start a business transporting seniors around, but not having any luck getting money to purchase your vans. A way around this would be to contact a list of van companies in the yellow pages and investigate doing a deal where you can use a van of theirs when it is not in use. Then go to the state area office on aging and figure out how to get government contract for transporting seniors. If you start learning how to get jobs, you can dump the company letting you use their vans and get your own. Most banks will give you the money if you have contracts in hand.

- Letís say you canít get enough money to go back to school and complete your degree no matter how hard you look. How about trying to find a job at a university that lets their employees take classes for free? Once you finish your degree then you are on your way.

The world is complicated. The world keeps changing. Most things will not work the way you think they will. No one really knows the rules. The trick is to keep playing, keep learning, and donít believe people when they say it canít be done. The world is full of opportunities and no one can tell you for sure where they are, just where they ìmightî be. You have to find them yourself. Itís fun trying. Itís your life. So enjoy living it.

17) Where Do I Go For Free Money For College?
Every year of education means an average of an extra $200,000 worth of lifetime earnings. And education is the key to competing in our fast changing society and staying productive throughout your entire life. So go get more education no matter how much you have now, and hereís the money to do it.

There is no way that any book or any other directory of scholarships, can contain every single scholarship available, no matter what they say. There are tens of thousands of scholarships available for higher education and they keep adding and changing as we speak. The book that we produce that has the most on scholarships is ëFree Money To Change Your Lifeî and is available at 1-800-955-POWER or

The programs listed below are a collection of the more useful scholarships and money programs available for people of any age to go to college either full- or part-time.

If you do not find what you need in this section you can find additional scholarships by investigating the following:

1) Find All Federal Government Money Programs For Education

They are described in a book called the Catalog Of Federal Domestic Assistance. This book is available at your local public library or the U.S. Government Printing Office ( You can also search the contents of this book for free on the web at

2) Find All State Money Programs For Education

Every state has grants and other money available for higher education. Look for state offices of higher education or your state scholarship office. You can find them by dialing 411 and asking for your state capitol operator or by going to the web at and clicking on your state.

3) Find Money For College If Your Are Over 55

If you are over 55, you will certainly be eligible for most of the programs listed below, but you should also be aware that there are special programs for seniors starting at age 55 or 60. These programs are at most state supported colleges and community colleges and they offer courses and even degrees for free or at very low-cost. Contact all the state supported colleges in your area for their requirements.

4) Find All The Non-Government Money Programs

There are dozens of scholarship directories available. And because one directory canít possibly have everything, it is better to have a collection of scholarship directories, but this is too expensive. So, you can go to your local library and hope they have the latest edition of enough directories that can help you, or you can go into a local large bookstore that has a coffee shop with it and buy a $3.00 coffee and spend an afternoon at the bookstore looking through all the books. You are only going to get a few scholarships out of any one book. Copy down the info and do your follow-up. This way, for the price of a $3.00 cup of coffee, you have access to hundreds of dollars worth of directory. Most of these big book stores have big comfy chairs to encourage you to spend time there using their books. Such a deal.

5) Free Research To Find More Money

This is a free information clearinghouse that will offer free research either on the web or on the phone on any education topic. For example, you can search for information sources on topics such as scholarships or financial aid for graduate students. What do you have to lose? Itís FREE. Contact: Education Resources Information Center (ERIC), 800-LET-ERIC (538-3742),

No job is safe anymore. Companies seem to hire and fire for no reason at all. But if you get fired and have the right education and training you can go across the street and get a better job than the one that fired you. Education is power.

18) Where Can I Get Free Money For Real Estate?
No matter what city you live in the United States you can find over 150 money programs to buy property or fix-up property just in your city. This is what we are able to find for our clients in our customized real estate research service (see But there is nothing magic about finding all of these programs. It just takes hard work and a basic knowledge of where these programs might be hiding.

Here are the main sources to contact for identifying money programs for real estate:

1) Find Federal Money Programs For Real Estate

Anyone selling you information about federal programs on real estate has to get the information from this source. Itís printed every six months by the federal government, and is the major source of all federal programs. You can do a free search identifying all the federal real estate programs by going on the web to . The book is also available in almost every public library and for sale from the U.S. Government Printing Office

2) Find State Money Programs For Real Estate

Every state has offices that provide financing for buying and fixing-up homes and for real estate investing. Call your State Capitol Operator located in your state capital, or go to and look for your state housing office for information about all their programs.

3) Find Local Government Programs For Real Estate

Contact your city and county officials. Almost every local jurisdiction has money for housing and real estate. Many have money for closing costs, down payments, repairs and even rental assistance. It will take some effort, but it's worth the time. You can also locate your local and county government offices on the web at

4) Find Money From Non-Profit Organizations for Business

There are thousands of local and national non-profits groups that help homeowners and real estate investors. They can be groups that offer down payment money, closing cost money and even free technical assistance. It may take a considerable amount of time to find them all. Your local library can be of help or your local elected officials listed below.

The following organizations can also be helpful in tracking down non-profit organizations:

  • The Foundation Center of New York City maintains a database of all foundations that provide money to non-profit organizations or individuals. The information is available on the web at or from their participating libraries by contacting 212-620-4230.
  • The Guidestar company in Williamsburg, VA also maintains a database of foundations and they can reached at 757-229-4631 or at Much of their database is accessible for free on the web.

5) Money and Help To Buy Real Estate Or Pay Your Rent or Mortgage

The federal government supports over 1,000 local non-profit organizations that will help homeowners, real estate investors or even rents with any kind of programs they may have with buying real estate or even holding on to it. To find offices near you, contact the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Housing Counseling Center Locator, 800-569-4287 or 800-217-6970 or

6) Find Your Local Community Action Agency

There are over 1,000 local non-profit offices that can help you take advantage of basic money programs to purchase or fix up real estate. They offer people help in taking advantage of government programs or other money from non-profit organizations.

To find a community action agency near you, contact Community Action Partnership, 1100 17 th St NW, Suite 500, Washington, DC 20036, 202-265-7546, Fax: 202-265-8850, ,

7) More Help In Identifying Real Estate Programs

For help identifying more money programs, contact the Office of Community Planning and Development at 800-998-9999 or

We have a book that identifies many of these money sources called ìFree Money For Real Estate.î Call 1-800-955-POWER or see rebonus60 . We also offer customized real estate research service for any city in the country. See

19) Where Can I Get Free Money To Start Or Expand A Business?
It is impossible to list every money program for business. There are tens of thousands of programs all over the country. What is listed here are those sources you can contact to begin accumulating the major programs. One source will have every program. The important thing is that you keep looking and keep an open mind on how you may be able to change your needs slightly in order to meet the needs of specific government programs.

We do have a book that describes about 30,000 sources for business. Itís called ìFree Money For Entrepreneursî and you can get more information on this title at 1-800-955-POWER or at

If you wish to do the necessary research yourself, you can follow the outline below to find the major sources of getting money and help to start or expand a business or non-profit organization.

1. Find Federal Money Programs for Business

Look at a book called the Catalog Of Federal Domestic Assistance. This book is available at your local public library or the U.S. Government Printing Office ( You can also search the contents of this book for free on the web at

2. Find State Money Programs for Business

Look for state Office of Economic Development located in your state capitol. You can find them by dialing 411 and asking for your state capitol operator or by going to the web at and clicking on your state. Then start looking for websites on business or economic development.

3. Find Local City and County Programs for Business

Start looking at every local city and county government of programs that help business. They all have them. If you donít know where to go, you can call 411 and ask for the mayorís office or the office of the county executive. Just tell them you what to start or expand and business and want to know any all programs. You can also go to and under each state there will be a listing of all cities and counties. Click on those of interest and search for economic development or business programs. Remember, you can start a business in any state, city or country and not live there. The people who give out the money just want your business to be there and you can commute.

4. Find Money From Non-Profit Organizations for Business

There are 3 major sources for finding money from these groups:

A. The Association for Enterprise Opportunity in Arlington, VA maintains a database of non-profit organizations that provide financial assistance to entrepreneurs. Contact them at 703-841-7760 or

B. The Foundation Center of New York City maintains a database of all foundations that provide money to non-profit organizations or individuals. The information is available on the web at or from their participating libraries by contacting 212-620-4230.

C. The Guidestar company in Williamsburg, VA also maintains a database of foundations and they can reached at 757-229-4631 or at Much of their database is accessible for free on the web.

5. Find Help With Any Part Of Starting Or Expanding A Business

The government supports over 1,000 offices all over the country called Small Business Development Centers. They will sit down with you and help tackle any problem you may be having with your business, like: finding money, filling out forms, taxes, marketing, technical problems, contracting, etc. All their services are free or for very little cost. For a Center near you, contact 1-800-8-ASK-SBA or

Donít stop here. These arenít the only grants because next year the government is going to give money to over 1 million entrepreneurs and you can be one of them.

20) How Do I Get Free Money And Help If I Have A Disability?
According to Census Bureau, about 1 in 5 Americans have some kind of disability and 1 in 10 have a severe disability. Disability is no respecter of age, sex or race, but nevertheless, the likelihood of having a disability increases with age. More than three-quarters of Americans age 22-64 with disabilities do not receive public assistance. Americans with disabilities are at a critical disadvantage compared to other Americans, according to a survey from the National Organization on Disability. A Harris Poll found:

*35% of people with disabilities reported being employed full- or part-time.

*Three times as many disabled people live in poverty.

*People with disabilities remain twice as likely to drop out of high school

*The disabled are twice as likely to have inadequate transportation.

Over 43 million American have disabilities of one kind or another and many dream of supporting themselves with good paying jobs. The Federal Government has stepped in and funded programs across the country to help the disabled reach their goals by providing them with all kinds of services to get them on their way. The help available ranges from free information services, self-help groups, free legal aid, free money for education, job training, transportation, equipment and mobility aids. And if you are denied aid, there are several free sources of legal help that can get you what youíre deserve.

If you do not find what you need in this section, you can investigate the following:

  1. Check out the website is the federal governmentís gateway to disability-related information and resources. You can find information on employment, housing, health, income support, technology, transportation and independent living.
  2. State Vocation Rehabilitation Offices: State Vocational Rehabilitation Offices are the main entry point for services within your state. Services differ from state to state, but they can provide medical information, vocational training, adaptive equipment, business assistance, counseling, and more. To locate your state vocational office contact your state operator or check out the website or a listing can be found at
  3. Financial Aid For People With Disabilities: This is a free report written by the American Council on Education and provides a wealth of information on how to fund a college education. It takes you step-by-step through the financial aid process, explaining the types of aid available and what you will be expected to pay. What is great about this report is that it explains how to make sure that disability expenses are covered and what government agencies fit into the financial aid process. It details how disability benefits can be protected while in college and provides a list of scholarship information for those with disabilities. This report is available through the Education Resources Information Center (ERIS) at 800-LET-ERIC (538-3742) or online at You may also view the report at
  4. Find All Federal Government Money Programs For Disabilities: They are described in a book called the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance. This book is available at your local public library or the U.S. Government Printing Office You can also search the content of the book for free on the web at
  5. Another great resource for information in the Council for Exception Children. Topics covered include all aspects of education and development of children with disabilities, current research, links to resources and more. Contact Council for Exceptional Children, 1110 N. Glebe Rd., Suite 300, Arlington, VA 22201; 888- CEC-SPED; 703-620-3660;

Business Help For The Disabled

People with disabilities and chronic health conditions are starting businesses at twice the rate as non-disabled people. This is due to the fact that the unemployment rate for the disabled is at a staggering 70%! Self-employment can provide the flexibility and adaptations necessary for you to be a success. The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) provides millions of dollars each year to support the initiatives of micro businesses. Check with the SBA office closest to you for more information about services available through SBA. To reach that office either call 1-800-U-ASK-SBA or log on to In addition, state vocational rehabilitation programs and other government and private organizations provide a variety of services to aspiring entrepreneurs with disabilities. The main source of information is the Small Business and Self-Employment Service (SBSES) of the Office of Disability Employment Policy of the U.S. Department of Labor. This office provides comprehensive information, counseling and referrals about self-employment and small business ownership opportunities for people with disabilities. You can learn about starting and managing a business, disability issues such as social security and PASS plans, and more. All this information is free. For more information contact Small Business and Self-Employment Service, Job Accommodation Network, P.O. Box 6080, Morgantown, WV 26506; 800-526-72234;

The best book for finding more programs for people with disabilities is ìHow To Write And Get A Grantî at 1-800-955-POWER or

21) Does Lesko Do Customized Research?
The only customized research we do is money for real estate. This service provides a customized report showing over 150 money programs to buy real estate or to fix-up real estate for any city in the country. Because of the intense research involved it takes 3 to 4 weeks to complete. You can find more information about this service at

The problem with doing customized research is the cost. I started this business over 20 years ago by researching questions like yours, but my clients were Fortune 500 executives who were willing to pay for the high costs involved in doing this kind of work. This is why I began selling books. I feel it is the most cost effective way to get this information to the people who need this most: the average consumer. But we are beginning to learn the information well enough to now do customized research in real estate. And soon we may be providing this service in other areas.

But until we start this service, here are some people that that will help solve your problem by doing free research:

- You have 2 U.S. Senators and one U.S. Congressman who have people on their staff that will help identify programs that might help you. You also have state and local elected officials that provide free services. Elected officials get re-elected by doing favors like this for people in their district. If they are able to help you, you will vote for them forever. You can find your elected official at

- The U.S. government has also set up a free service that will help you identify free government programs and services. They are called the Federal I nformation Center at or 1-800- FED- INFO.

22) Where Does Lesko Get His Question Mark Suits?
I have over a dozen of these suits now. I have been wearing them for about 7 years and over the years I have perfected the process. Itís pretty easy now. I simply buy suits off the rack (itís hard finding bright colors) and than have a wonderful woman in Baltimore sew on the question marks. They are cut out of ultra suede fabric. I have tried all different kinds of fabric, and this works the best. I may be offering a line of question mark clothing. Let me know if you are interested.

23) How Can I Get Help To Pay For Health Care?

There are few in America that really know how to take advantage of the current health care system. Some of the best health care services are free or cost very little and are even available to millionaires, but who knows?

Sam Donaldson has cancer surgery done under a free government program and heís a millionaire. Weíve done an undercover survey asking if doctors knew about the free drug programs available for people making $40,000 or more and over 94% had no idea they were there. If doctors, who prescribe the medication, arenít aware, it proves you have to take care of yourself in this land of the so called ìbest health care in the world.î

There are thousands and thousands of free programs available for people of any income level. Itís well documented that there are 6 million families eligible for free health care for their kids and donít apply. Four million seniors are eligible for an extra $1,000 to pay their health premiums, but donít apply. Over 29 million are eligible for free exams and donít take advantage of them. Here are some of the major programs you and your family can immediately take advantage of. If you are looking for thousands more like this, see our book, Free Health Care at or 1-800-955-POWER.

Get Health Information Better Than Your Doctor
Want to find out the latest information on your health condition? All you need to do is pick up the phone or go online to get the most up-to-date information from the governmentís team of health professionals. The latest cures and treatments to any condition are changing every day and it is impossible for people in the medical profession to keep up on the latest developments in any health-related area. There is plenty of free help available from government sponsored and non-profit organizations who can even tell you what will be in the medical journals next year because they are involved in the research today. So, donít settle for second best when you can get the best. Here is where you can go:

National Health Information Center
P.O. Box 1133, Washington, DC 20013

National Womenís Health Information Center,
U.S. Public Health Service, Office of Womenís Health,
1600 Clifton Rd., NE, Atlanta, GA 30333

National Institutes of Health,
Office of Communications,
Building 1, Room 344, 1 Center Dr., MCS 0188
Bethesda, MD 20892

9000 Health Hotlines and Other Free Health Sources

2004 Toll-Free Numbers For Health Information
(some overlap with list above, but worth checking both)

Self-Help Groups Teach You How To Beat The System
They are certainly cheaper than a doctor visit, because theyíre free, and are probably a lot easier and friendlier. In addition to offering advice on treatment options, they can be a great source for learning the system and how to get the most from it. They can tell you about free services and even money programs that people in the system would never consider. Here are some sources for finding a self-help group near you. If you cannot find a relevant group below, contact a relevant group or association in the section above on how to get good health information. They should be able to point you in the right direction.

American Self-Help Clearinghouse

Self-Help Hotlines

Anxiety Disorders Self-Help Groups
Anxiety Disorders Association of America

Free Health Care When You Have No Insurance CoverageÖ
Over 3,700 government supported healthcare centers around the country offering everything from mental health to dental services near you contact the Health Resources and Services Administration at the U.S. Dept. HHS at or call 888-275-4772.

Another database of over 500 free clinics around the country is available from
The Free Clinic Foundation of America, 1240 Third Street S.W, Roanoke, VA 24016,

$2,000 Worth Of Free Prescription Drugs
Make over $40,000 and get everything except Viagra. Drug companies do not want everybody to know this, but they will give certain people who cannot afford their medications their drugs free of charge. Your doctor needs to write a note to the drug companies stating that you cannot afford the prescriptions. Your doctor will also need to fill out a form, and then the company will ship the medications to your doctorís office. To receive a listing of drug companies, check out the website at {} or contact Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, 1100 15 th St., NW, Washington, DC 20005; 800-PMA- INFO.

Non-Profits Will Pay For Health Expenses
There are thousands of non-profit organizations that provide help and even financial assistance to individuals and families who are suffering with most any illness or condition you can think of. You can get:

- $1,000 if you are suffering with pancreatic cancer to pay for transpiration to treatment, medication or child care from Hirshberg Foundation, 800-813-4673,

- $3,000 for special expenses related to being a cancer patient from Cancer Care, 800-813-HOPE,

- $750 for people who care for Alzheimerís patients from Alzheimerís Family Relief Programs, 800-437-AHAF,

- $450 for an eye examination and eye glasses from Vision USA, 800-766-4466,

- $1,000 to pay for rent, car repairs, handicap equipment or even horseback riding classes for families with seriously ill children, Kelly Anne Dolan Memorial Fund, 325-643-0763,

- $5,000 to purchase prosthetic limbs from The Barr Foundation, 561-394-6514,

You will have to look at more than just one place to find this kind of help. You can look for relevant organizations by researching National Health Information Center, P.O. Box 1133, Washington, DC 20013, 800-336-4797,

There is also a database of over 400 non-profit and government organizations that was set up to help families that have special needs when they are stuck with a health-related problem. It says itís kids, but many of the organizations help anyone in need. There are groups that will give out grants like $400 to pay rent, $500 to pay for child care, $800 to spend on camp, or $750 to buy health products. Go to and take a look.

$50,000 Worth Of Free Mammograms/Breast, Cervical Cancer Tests And Treatments
An estimated 2 million American women will be diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer this decade and screening could prevent up to 30% of these deaths for women over 40. The governmentís Centers for Disease Control will spend about $145 million a year to maintain a state-by-state program to establish greater access to screening and follow-up services. Each state runs their program a little differently. Contact your county office of public health or your state Department of Health. You can also contact Division of Cancer Prevention and Control, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 4770 Buford Highway, NE, MS K-64, Atlanta, GA 30341; 770-488-4751; 888-842-6355; {}. You can also contact The American Center Society at 800- ACS-2345; YMCAís Encore Plus Program at 800-95-EPLUS; or the National Cancer Institute at 800-4-CANCER; {}.

$30,000 Worth Of Free Hospital Care
Donít have money for your gall bladder surgery? What about that hospital visit you had two months ago? You might not have to pay a cent. Call the Hill-Burton Hotline. Under this program, certain hospitals and other health care facilities provide free or low-cost medical care to patients who cannot afford to pay. You may qualify even if your income is up to double the Poverty Income Guidelines. For more information, contact Hill-Burton Hotline, Health Resources and Services Administration, 5600 Fishers Lane, Room 11-19, Rockville, MD 20857; 800-638-0742; 800-492-0359 (in MD); {}.

$10,000 To Care For Grandma And Grandpa
Does your mom need Meals on Wheels? Is she having trouble paying her bills? Need a new roof on the house? Need extra spending money? Grandma needs free legal help to divorce grandpa? Want to know what programs exist for seniors? All these questions and more can be found by contacting the Eldercare Hotline at 800-677-1116. They can hook up seniors with all the resources available to them, and all it takes is a phone call. For more info contact the Administration on Aging, Washington , DC 20201 ; 202 619-0724;

Emergency Rooms Have To Take You
Emergency rooms are now required to provide an initial screening to assess a patientís condition, which is designed to stop the automatic transfer of people unable to pay. Emergency rooms must also treat emergency situations until they are stabilized, then they can refer you to other hospitals or clinics for further treatment. If you feel you have been denied service, contact Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, 7500 Security Blvd., Baltimore, MD 21244; 410-786-3000; {}.

Free Care By The Best Doctors In The World
Bob Dole and Sam Donaldson knew where to go to get treatment - The National Institutes of Health (NIH). Each year, close to 75,000 patients receive free medical care by some of the best doctors in the world. To see if your diagnosis is currently being studied, you can contact the Clinical Center, National Institutes of Health, Patient Recruitment, 6100 Executive Blvd., Suite 3C01, MSC 754, Bethesda, MD 20892; 301-496-2563; 800-411-1222; {}; National Institutes of Health, Office of Communications, Building 1, Room 344, 1 Center Dr., MCS 0188, Bethesda, MD 20892; 301-496-4000; {}; or to search a database of research programs, contact CRISP, Office of Reports and Analysis, Office of Extramural Research, 6700 Rockledge Dr., Room 3210, Bethesda, MD 20892; 301-435-0656; {}.

$5,000 Worth Of Free Health Care For Kids
Make up to $38,657 and get free health care for your kids. Almost every state now has a Childrenís Health Insurance Program (CHIPS), which extends medical coverage to many children who may not be covered. Contact your state Department of Health to see what version of the CHIPS program is offered in your area; or call a new government hotline to help locate free health care for kids at 877-KIDS-NOW (toll-free 877-543-7669); {}.

Get And Extra $1,000 For Mom, Dad Or Grandparents
Even if youíre not a senior check into this for your mom, dad or grandparents or anyone else because each year over 3 million eligible seniors and people with disabilities fail to apply for a little-known program that will give them over $1,000 extra in their Social Security check. Thatís how much the government deducts for Medicare Part B payments. The program is called Qualified Medicare Beneficiaries Plan, or Specified Low-Income Medicare Beneficiaries Plan. To learn more contact your local Social Security Office at 800-772-1213. You can also contact the Medicare Hotline and request the publication Guide to Health Insurance for People with Medicare; contact Medicare Hotline at 800-MEDICARE or online at {}.

See If You Qualify For Your State Health Care Programs
Every state has a number of health care programs that are paid for by the federal and state government funding. Most of the programs have income requirements, but the income can go up to $40,000 or more for a family. Every state has a number of programs to protect people in financial trouble. There are programs to help pay for food, help pay for day care, and help pay for medical.

Free Help To Fight The Health Care System
You can call government offices and advocacy groups that will do your fighting for you or give you the needed weapons to do your own fighting. Before you call a lawyer, call these free offices first: Your state Insurance Commissioner will help you learn your legal rights regarding insurance. Your state Medical Board will review your complaint and help resolve disputes. Your state HMO Board will also resolve disputes. You can also contact Patient Advocate Foundation, 700 Thimble Shoals Blvd., Suite 200 , Newport News , VA 23606 ; 800-532-5274; {}.

You can also use the Health Insurance Partnership program at Families USA:

$2,000 To Pay Your Dental Bills
There are close to 60 dental schools in the country that offer quality care at a fraction of the cost of private dentists. I used them for years. An $800 crown can cost you only $200. Sure you get a senior student, but you also get a professor who is better then most private practitioners. Most also offer payment plans. For a school near you go to:

Free Dental Care For Kids
Many dentists will provide free dental care, according to an American Dental Association survey that states, ì75% of its members provide charitable care.î You can find info on free kids dental services offered in your state at Just clink on your state and see. Or contact the American Dental Association, 211 East Chicago Ave. , Chicago, IL 60611-2678; 312-440-2500 .

$20,000 Worth Of Free Alcohol And Drug Treatment
Georgia provides outpatient counseling services, short-term residential programs, and even school student assistance programs. There are also non-profit organizations that offer free treatment to people, like the Center for Drug-Free Living in Orlando, Florida. A friend of mine received one- and two-week resident treatments for free in Maryland. So if you need help, keep looking for local free stuff or contact National Drug and Treatment Routing Service, Center for Substance Abuse Treatment, National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), 600 Executive Blvd., Willco Bldg., Bethesda, MD 20892; 800-662-HELP;; or National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information, 11426 Rockville Pike, Suite 200, Rockville, MD 20852; 800-729-6686;

Free Preventive Health Services For Seniors
A report for the U.S. Congress estimates that over 29 million seniors don't take advantage of free preventive health services like flu shots, tetanus shots, pap smear, mammography, vaginal cancer, colorectal cancer - colonoscopy, osteoporosis - bone mass measurement, prostate cancer test, and glaucoma test. They are all covered under the Medicare laws, but most doctors are not aware of this. Tell you senior friends to check it out at: or 800-633-4227.


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