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Grants for Artists

(Artist Grant To Produce Instructional Videos)
Annie Strack, Award Winning Maritime Paintings,,

  Interview Highlights

  • Artist the specializes in maritime paintings and seascapes.
  • Mostly watercolors.
  • They have moved 7 times all over the world.
  • The economy seems to be coming back even better than a lot of the rest of the country.
  • She received a grant from the Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation.
  • The grant is for cultural providers, non-profits, businesses and individuals.
  • It could be for artists, musicians, performers, etc.
  • The grants for artists is for individual artists to expand their business.
  • The video grants was to create an instructional video on how to create seascapes.
  • The grants for video production was for $2,500.
  • The video will then be available for sale to the public.
  • The video is 55 minutes.
  • You can order the video at and only $24.95.
  • Now she can create income from the sale of the videos.
  • The application was one of the easiest ones she has ever done.
  • Individual grants are a lot easier than a non-profit grant.
  • It was just a copy of a tax return, a one page outline and an estimated budget.
  • The estimates were very vague.
  • At the end of the project you show the canceled checks and the invoices.
  • Applying for government money is a lot easier than people think.
  • For every dollar that is spent on art and culture in Louisiana the state gets a return of $8.
  • She has not had to spend any money on advertising.
  • She is currently on 29 public access television stations around the country.