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9/11 Terrorist Uses Lesko's Book To Get $650,000 Gov't Loan For Plane

  Lesko Wins Film Festival Award

It turned out that he was eligible, but didn't get the money simply because he had a poor business plan, according to a chilling special report by ABC's Peter Jennings and his colleagues that aired in 2002.

The investigation team interviewed a USDA worker at the Florida office who reported her confrontation with the terrorist leader to the FBI just after she saw his face in the news following the 9/11 attacks. She agreed to the interview even though the agency had threatened her with losing her job if she spoke to the media.

On the tenth anniversary of the tragedy, I have become increasingly frustrated that so many Americans remain unaware of all the help available through different government money programs, while terrorists from abroad are not only aware of these programs, but have tried - and almost succeeded - in using them against us.

While the incident prompted increased scrutiny of potential terrorist applicants, these programs remain in place today to help law-abiding citizens. I encourage everyone to become more familiar with these programs and take advantage of the opportunities this great country offers to those who want simply to make the world a better place.

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