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Used Book Entrepreneurs Make It Big Saving The World

John Ujda
VP of Marketing & Chief Bottle Washer
Interview Highlights
  • Take used books that would normally go to landfill and put them online to find homes for them.
  • Every time a sale happens part of the sales goes to fund literacy programs around the world.
  • They have been in business since 2003.
  • They work with about 3,400 different libraries in US, Canada, UK and Ireland.
  • They provide an outlet for their discards and donations.
  • They sell books from the library also.
  • Amazon is an important partner... they also sell used books through Amazon
  • They are also a B Corporation.
  • It is a certification for a new way of doing business.
  • You have to pass a certification process.
  • B Corporations have to provide for all their shareholders equally, owners, customers, employees, and the world.
  • C Corporations just serve the owners.
  • Another option is a Benefit Corporation that is certified by the state.
  • B Corporations also have access to discounts that are given to only B Corps.
  • They started on college campuses.
  • They are on about 1,000 campuses.
  • They also buy thrift books.
  • People can send you books.
  • They also have a national network of book drop boxes around the country to collect used books.