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Big and Small Companies Get Help


Dave Quinn, Executive Director
Leveland Economic Development
PO Box 1010
1709 Ave H
Leveland, TX 79336

  Interview Highlights

  • Help companies move into the region.
  • Help companies start and grow in the area.
  • Help the community grow by building wealth thru creating jobs and raising wage rates in the communities.
  • If they help a company start and grow that puts more people to work and grows the community.
  • They are financed by part of a sales tax.
  • They are creating future opportunities for our children.
  • They offer free business coaching services.
  • Help people with business plan, marketing, operations etc.
  • The only catch is that the business has to be started in their county.
  • They also help people get the information they need to decide if they want to start a business in Leveland.
  • They get companies to help other companies start.
  • They may be able to help get the entrepreneur grant money from the city or state to help them with their business.
  • They just landed a cotton manufacturer that is a $14 million package and they will hire 40 people.
  • Working with a biomass project that takes waste product and make energy out of it.
  • They help mom-and-pop companies.
  • They helped a lady start a restaurant who was a waitress for years.
  • They got her business coaching and the lady who used to run the restaurant help her with management, and they helped her get volunteers to come in and paint the restaurant.
  • They helped a lady who loved to work with scrap books open up her scrap book store.