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Birds and Bees Workshops Gets Lots of Free Help


  Interview Highlights

  • Helps parents talk to their kids about sexuality, love and relationships.
  • She works through PTA lectures, public speaking, books for kids, books for parents, DVDs, videos, teleclasses, one-on-one counseling and professional training and workshops
  • She grossed $54,000 last year even in a recession.
  • She is going national this year.
  • The best advice she has for parents to be aware is to remind them of their own experiences.
  • It does not have to be an agonizing conversation it can be fun and there are ways to do it to be effective.
  • We have the highest teen pregnancy rate in the industrialized world and a high rate of sexually transmitted infections.
  • She is not religious and politically neutral.
  • Word of mouth is her main marketing tool.
  • She did not how to do it in the beginning and did a lot of research to figure it out.
  • She started with one 3-hour workshop and just grew from there.
  • She was not a business person and needed the help.
  • She went to SCORE for help because it was free and got a counselor, Jerry, who has kicked her butt to develop a comprehensive business plan.
  • The consulting help would have cost her thousands of dollars.
  • It's sad that people don't know about SCORE.
  • Working with her free counselor was instrumental in helping her business grow.
  • She has super low overhead.
  • It took her until she was 38 to figure out what she wanted to do.
  • She has a mission driven business