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Business Incubators Increase Your Success


John Korpela
Manager, Business Innovation Network
Department of Economic Development
Division of Business Empowerment
Maryland Technology Development Center
9700 Great Seneca Highway
Rockville, MD 20850

  • An Incubator is a place where businesses get help to grow.
  • The county government funds incubators to help entrepreneurs grow and create jobs in the county.
  • Entrepreneurs come to them with an idea and....
    • They help them prepare their business plan.
    • They coach them
    • They have space but they are not about space.
    • They space is a little below market rate.
    • They have lab space for scientific entrepreneurs.
    • They provide training programs.
  • They look at the viability of the entrepreneurs to have a viable business idea.
  • They have about 150 companies in the program, including:
    • Bio Companies
    • IT Companies
    • Service Companies
    • Marketing Companies
    • Accounting Firms
    • Government Contractors
    • International Companies
    • Green Tech Companies
  • The companies pay $300-$400 a month for office space and all the services are free. The companies also get use of the conference room, copiers, faxes and about 100 free training programs a year.
  • The training can include anything from basic accounting to how to do an IPO.
  • Most come in with very little financing and need more money. They help teach about financing.
  • They have serial entrepreneurs. Some people come back and use the services to start a new business after they sold their first business.
  • There are different kinds of incubators around the country. They are probably the biggest or at least in the top 5.
  • Companies stay from one year to 5 years.
  • The companies can get out of their incubator agreement within 60 days.
  • Small Business Administration data shows that about 80% of businesses fail. In their incubator program, about 85% of them become a success.
  • You have to apply to be accepted by the incubator program.
  • They offer free legal help with Copyright Law, Patent Law and Business Law. This can be worth $10,000 to the incubator business.
  • There are 22 incubators in the state of Maryland alone.
  • National Business Incubator Association (NBIA) is the place to look for incubators around the country.
  • They have graduated over 90 companies in the past 10 years and 83 are still in the country.
  • There are about 60 women and minorities in their programs.
  • You can come from anywhere and they will help you start a business in Montgomery County.
  • They have companies from overseas come and use their program to start a bsusiness in the United States.
  • They also have a network of venture capitalists and angle investors that keep coming to them looking for businesses to invest into.
  • They help their companies with presentations when looking for money.
  • You can move in and take over one office, but then grow into having more offices in the program.
  • The economic downtown creates more entrepreneurs.
  • To Find An Incubator Program Near You Contact:
    National Business Incubator Program
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