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211 Can Help You Get The Basic Necessities Of Life


William Hanbury, President & CEO
United Way of the National Capital Area (  Call: 211 )

  Interview Highlights

  • United Way is about insuring the common good.
  • They are a collection of non-profits covering social services, arts and culture, education, health issues.
  • The United Way helps these non-profits fund their initiatives by helping them get money.
  • They raise money and awareness about the needs of the community.
  • They connect donors in work places with the non-profits they care about.
  • They have 700 non-profits.
  • The non-profits have to be vetted to be part of the system so donors can feel safe in giving their money.
  • They are just one of the funding sources for non-profits.
  • They make sure the non-profits are delivering what they say they do.
 211 Hotline
  • Started in 1997 in Atlanta.
  • Social and human services hotline.
  • For needs you may have like good, homelessness, etc..
  • 87% of the country is covered by 211.
  • 17 million people call a year.
  • 450,000 call in the Washington area.
  • Their database contains 20,000 non-profit and government offices that provide help to the community.
  • They have highly trained specialists that help.
  • They get a grant from homeland security to manage the database.
  • They help people with foreclosure.
  • Their database is also online at .
  • It's great help for people who don't have the necessary support systems that people need in life.