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College Student Uses Grant To Start IT Business


Christian Brown, Owner
Tech-Sterminators Computer Repair
 Tech-Sterminators Computer Repair

  Interview Highlights

  • Specializes in computer reports and small and medium size IT Solutions.
  • He is a junior at Mississippi State University.
  • He is on a scholarship to go to school but his grandfather said he should work.
  • In his sophomore year he started working for Dell Computer doing computer repairs.
  • Dell would charge customers $250 to talk with him.
  • Dell was paying him only $10 per hour so he saw a big opportunity here.
  • He started doing his business part-time and it became a full-time job about 6 months ago.
  • He is still a full-time student.
  • He got great help from the Entrepreneur Center at the University and from the local government supported Small Business Development Center.
  • One of the people at the Development Center has taken him under his wing to help him.
  • He is 19 years old and could not get a loan so he had to reinvest the profits and even use part of his student grant.
  • All the technical help and legal help he was able to get for free from the Small Business Development Center.
  • Made money to help start his business by running parties at the college.
  • The IT business is almost self-supporting.
  • He now does not have to worry about getting a job when he graduates.
  • The best advice he can give is by telling people to do their research.
  • The free help he gets is priceless.
  • It's not a hard process it just takes follow through.