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Free Consulting To Start a Business Or Work On Your Invention


The Ohio Small Business Development Center provides free consulting services to entrepreneurs and local business who want to start or expand their business.
  1. They help individuals and businesses in any stage of development with management and planning to develop your idea and provide help in seeking the necessary financing.
  2. In a recent year this office consulted with over 1,400 small businesses, creating over 150 new jobs and helped businesses receive over $11 million in financing.
  3. They save inventors thousands of dollars that they would have spent with invention companies.
  4. They help inventors throughout the entire process of protecting an idea to getting it make and marketed to the consumer.
  5. Some recent inventions and new products they helped get to market were:
    • a caffeinated bottled water drink.
    • a relish made from a recipe from the mother of the inventor.
    • a urinal bottle caddy for hospital beds.
  6. They have no advertising money to tell people about their services so people are spending a lot of money on consulting services that they are get for free.
  7. Their clients must realize that getting a venture off the ground is not easy and you must be willing to put in the time.
  8. Thru their network of Development Centers they saved a women $6,000 she was about too send on a company in Utah to help her start a business. They had one of their representatives in Utah take a look at the company advised her to save her money.
  9. A couple who was about to spend $110,000 to consultant to help them start their business.
  10. Joshua is the visionary and architect of the business and marketing model for a venture that introduces High-Performance Clean Diesel fuel to the commercial market. He single handedly attracted a group of core executives along with along with petroleum stakeholders, engineers, fleet consultants, business professionals, local government advisors, legal advisors and world-class businesses to help get this venture off the ground.
  11. He has worked closely with the center for a number of months and it brought him important contacts, critical thinking, and an opportunity to turn down money from investors who were too greedy. The center has also help him be on the verge of obtaining EPA Approval as well as get contracts and other money.
  12. Josh says the Center is one of the rare places that truly have YOUR interest in mind and are not there just to sell to something or take advantage of you.