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Contractor Grows by Going Green


Mike McKechnie, President
Mountain View Solar & Wind
15 Greenway Drive
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411

  • Runs Solar and Wind business that puts in renewable energy systems for people in the area.
  • He got his house from the Department of Energy contest called the Solar Decathlon:
  • Been in the energy business for the past 5 years.
  • They are building contractors who think that this is the best way to go.
  • The government.
  • 30% Tax credit for renewable energy from federal government.
  • Here is how the incentives work
    • Hot water system costs $8,500
    • 30% Federal tax credit is $2,550
    • State incentive like West Virginia has a $2,000 state tax credit
    • So now you are down to $3,950 which is about a 60% discount
    • A family of 4-5 people will save enough money on their hot water bill to pay off the solar hot water heater in about 3 years
    • After 3 years you start saving about $1,000 every year
  • Next best thing is Renewable Energy Credits, the state will send you a monthly check after you install renewable energy system for generating electricity.
  • There is a law that says the utility company has to have so much renewable energy but they cannot do it fast enough, so they give you a check to use your renewable energy.
  • They make an extra $90 a month.
  • They are now paying next to nothing in utility bills and get an extra $90 in his pocket.
  • His average utility bill is $35, and his lowest is $7.
  • Their business is growing when all other companies are laying off people.
  • There is a big opportunity for small businesses and entrepreneurs in the energy business.