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Deconstruction Entrepreneur Also Non-Profit


Paul Hughes, President
DeConstruciton Services, LLC
Executive Director, ReBuild
8819 Colesbury Place
Fairfax, VA 22031

  Interview Highlights

  • Deconstruction Services disassembles houses, saving 80% for recycling or reuse and the owners donate the material to the warehouse and they get a tax deduction.
  • Homeowners are usually doing major remodeling or tearing down a home.
  • The homeowner donates their property and they get a tax break and it saves it from going into the landfill.
  • The homeowner pays for the labor of coming in and taking the reusable material and the tax break usually pays for their cost of labor.
  • The motive is 1) green 2) reuse material and 3) tax deduction.
  • It costs money to bring a lot of material to a landfill so people can make money by donating instead of taking to landfill.
  • They have been doing the deconstruction service for 7 years.
  • They sell the material for 50-75% off original price.
  • One of their missions is to recycle material so it is not put in landfill.
  • Another mission is to train at risk workers in green collar jobs.
  • They get a little support from foundations.
  • They have some workers that have been with then for 4-5 years.
  • His training was as a political wonk, but you can only wonk so much, and you want to really do something.
  • It took very little money to get into the deconstruction business.
  • These jobs cannot be exported.