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Military Base Realignment Opportunities and Jobs


Kenneth R. Anderson, Director,
Entrepreneurial & Small Business Support
Delaware Economic Development Office (DEDO)

  Interview Highlights

Benefits of green roofs include:
  • They are a state office in the state of Delaware.
  • Their mission is to help create jobs and opportunities in Delaware.
  • They create jobs by developing small businesses in the state.
  • Small businesses are going to be the force behind growth in the state now and for some time.
  • They want to create and environment that encourages entrepreneurs to create and expand small businesses.
  • They offer counseling services for every stage of small business development, from ground zero start ups to major expansions.
  • They want to help small businesses make sure they have what they need to stay in business and grow.
  • They want to make sure that they have a business plan that makes sense for them to grow.
  • They have access to support services including.
  • Small Business Development Center.
  • Small Business Administration.
  • YWCA Center for Entrepreneurship which has a unique focus for women entrepreneurs.
  • They help more entrepreneurs develop an investor presentation to present their idea before investors.
BRAC  and Beyond Business Conference
  • In Sept of 2005 a commission made 182 decisions about closing and re-aligning number of military bases.
  • As a result of this a large military base in New Jersey is moving 4,400 federal employees along with contractors into the Delaware area
  • These are jobs that pay $80,000 to $100,000 per year.
  • They are going to receive an large increase in jobs and opportunities because of the move.
  • The State of Maryland, where the military base is that will get the new jobs, is also received a bunch of money to help support the move. ( Maryland is expecting to receive 40,000 to 60,000 job because of BRAC )
  • They want to people of Delaware to be ready to take advantage of these opportunities in the way of job, contracts, business, etc.
  • They feel the influx of more high skilled workers will also foster new business activity and they want everyone in the state to be aware of the opportunity.
  • Everyone who comes to the conference will get a list of all the items the government will be purchasing.
  • They have an office called PTAC ( ) will help you get in line for these contracts.
  • It is scary how simple this is.
  • Most states have an office that will help you identify government contracts.
Delaware Emerging Technology Center ( )
  • A resource web site for entrepreneurs that need help in the early stage of development.
  • Lawyers, patent attorneys, consultants, etc .that offer their services at good rates and sometimes pro-bono.
  • Some entrepreneurs that are further along in the process will receive free access to experts to help.
  • They have the rights to 258 patents that can be used for new business creation.