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Doctor/Inventor Receives Grant To Take the Sting Out of Shots


Dr. Amy Baxter, MD

  Interview Highlights

  • Her son always hated getting shots.
  • She created a product that would address pain immediately.
  • She knew that you can help burn pain with cold.
  • There is something called Gate Theory where cold, motion and pain all want to fit through the same gate, but the gate is only big enough for 2 of them.
  • If you start the motion and cold before you start the pain then you can block out the pain.
  • Her product contains an ice pack and vibrator and if you put it on your body above where you are going to get a shot you won't feel the pain.
  • You put Buzzy between your brain and the pain.
  • She was driving her car with the wheels out of alignment and that taught her how vibration can help prevent pain. Her steering wheel was vibrating so much it made her hands numb.
  • A pack of frozen peas also helped her discovery.
  • She stayed practicing as a physician while she developed her product.
  • The product is for consumers to take to the doctor's office.
  • She could not get companies interested in the product.
  • She wanted to have it manufactured in the US and wanted it to be reusable, but everyone told her she could not make a profit if it was reusable.
  • She started a business in order to apply for a Small Business Innovative Research Grant (SBIR).
  • You have to be 51% employed by your small business for an SBIR grant so she cut back on being a doctor.
  • A friend and an expert at the Georgia Bureau of Economic Development helped her with the application.
  • The free expert on the staff knew how to apply for SBIR grants.
  • 2% of adults in America fear pain so much that they do not get needed shots.
  • She received a Fast Track grant for over $1 million to conduct the research and develop the product.
  • She found that the more anxious you are the more the Buzzy will reduce the pain.
  • They started selling the product about 3 years ago.
  • They sold about $40,000 the first year, $160,000 the next and on track this year for $300,000+.
  • You cannot spend any government money for marketing or advertising it can only be used for development.
  • They have not paid for any advertising yet.
  • They sell it for $34.95 on their website.
  • 20% to 25% are successful in getting the a Phase I SBIR grant.
  • The SBIR is one of the best sources of funds for developing products.
  • In addition to consumers, Buzzy is also in about 200 hospitals.
  • They have about 7,000 Buzzies in circulation and about half in hospitals.
  • Every time a hospital uses Buzzy that are saving at least $5 per shot given.