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Earn Reward Points For Recycling


Preston Read
Senior VP for Government Affairs
Recycle Bank

  Interview Highlights

  • Recycle Bank is a rewards and loyalty company to motivate consumers to participate as much as they can in roadside recycling programs.
  • They are like frequent flier miles for recycling.
  • The local recycling collection agency puts a computer chip in your recycling container.
  • They weigh all the material they collect and divide the total by the number of households and gives each household an average of the points.
  • They have arrangements with about 3,000 local and national retailers where you can cash in the points.
  • They work with city governments, home owner associations and more.
  • You can contact your city and tell them you want rewards for recycling.
  • The more you recycle the more the city saves on disposing of junk.
  • The points also stimulate the local economy.
  • You can earn from $130 to $200 a year for recycling.