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Earth Ship Home Saves


Melina Winterton and Dr. Larry Peck, CPA,

  Interview Highlights

  • They own the first legal Earth Ship Home permitted in Virginia.
  • Earth Ships homes those who purchased their plans from Earthship Biotechture.
  • The objective of the home is lower carbon footprint and uses less energy.
  • They have no central heat.
  • The cost of construction is about the same as a normal home.
  • Maintenance is much less.
  • They have no water bill, because they have well.
  • Electricity is about $65 per month, versus up to $300 in a regular home.
  • They are showing a path for other people to do the same thing.
  • They used materials and contractors that were all accessible.
  • They are both environmentally active and wanted to live in nature.
  • The biggest lesson we learned is that if we did it again we would retrofit an existing structure and not build from scratch.
  • There are many types of eco-homes not just Earthships homes.
  • They love it here, they don't want to move.
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