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Entrepreneur Cuts Utility Bills


Lee Keshishian
Clean Current Solar

  Interview Highlights

  • A green energy solutions company.
  • They get homeowners and businesses to switch to green energy thru their utility bill.
  • They have about 8,000 customers.
  • They also install solar.
  • There are about 20 states where you have a choice on where you buy your power.
  • They sell wind power energy thru the utility company.
  • They are switching about 100 new customers every week.
  • The utility company will not tell you about your options.
  • When you put up solar in your home you still have the utility company as a back-up.
  • The utility is a distributor for other service providers.
  • They are licensed as an aggregator, broker and supplier.
  • They are called a power marker or supplier that reaches out to consumers.
  • They are operating in about 4 states and are expanding.
  • They recently won an award from the State of Maryland for Best Green Business of the Year.
  • A few weeks ago they also won an award for Best Green Business from Washington Business Journal.
  • They are part of the Montgomery County Incubator Program.
  • They are trying to educate consumers about their options.
  • Less than 10% of Maryland residents know that they have a choice for power.
  • Solar became viable in about 2008 because of IRS and other programs to pay for the system.
  • You can now get up to about $10,000 in tax credits to pay for solar.
  • States also now have financial assistance programs.
  • States realize that they have to do more than putting up power lines to handle growth.
  • In California there are companies putting in solar-lease options.
  • You put in $50 per month and you save $100 a month on your utility bill.
  • Montgomery County is looking into something like that a solar system can last 30 - 40 years.
  • If we don't change our business model as a country we are going to hurt.
  • Nearly 90% of the solar panels that are in production are coming from China.
  • Most of the panels they use are panels built by a Chinese company in Tennessee.
  • Bell Labs in the US invented solar.
  • They are located in a Montgomery County Incubator space where rent is very low and they give us access to people and other businesses that can help companies like us get started.
  • They can go almost month to month on rent which is great.
  • They help them get introduced to other companies that can use their services.
  • There is not a hard and fast rule for how long they can stay.
  • The incubator helps them create jobs in the county, they have grown to about 20 people.