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  • Training For a Better Job
  • Travel or Adventures
  • Paying Off Your Credit Cards
  • Paying Your Bills and Expenses
  • Paying Medical Bills and Expenses
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  • Shared Economy
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Guarantee: There are few guarantees in life. The only people who can guarantee that you will get the money you need are the offices and organizations that give out the money. But we do guarantee that all the application sources we provide are very real and that an average of $22,000 per family are given out through these sources every year. We also guarantee that you have a ZERO chance of getting any money at all unless you apply.


Things To Do First
Our mission is to help you find and complete Applications for Money that you will never find in Google.


Step #1 : Watch These Videos
7 Best Gov't Grants To Start A Business
Or Take It To The Next Level

Money You Don't Have To Pay Back
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72 Website That Give Money And
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The Smartest Way To Start A
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Screw Comcast: Borrow Internet from Library and Take It Home FREE


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 Crowdfunding For Business and Personal
 Grants and And Free Help For Business
 Pay Bills And Debt
 Student Debt
 Education and Training
 Jobs and Extra Money
 Career Counseling And Information Training Seminars


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Step #5 : Lesko Help: One-On-One Video Counseling For Your Specific Money Needs
Grant to pay off bills, build a 5
bedroom home, get custody of
my daughter, fix mom's home

Start a business with no money.
I need $50k.
Can I get help for crowdfunding?

Do you know if there are any grants
for writinga book in Pennsylvania?

$2 Million funding for a fitness and
wellness product.
I have a business plan and financials.



Step #6 : Tell Our Researchers What You Need Money For and Where You Live
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you are not successful we will continue to find new applications.


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Step #8 : Search 1,200 Videos Of People Explain How They Received TheMoney Applications They Needed

  • Business and Entrepreneurship (724)
  • Jobs (155)
  • Pay Bills & Expenses (227)
  • Housing (60)
  • Health (94)
  • Education (140)
  • Artist (95)
  • Legal Help (24)
  • Travel (14)
  • Shared Economy (116)
  • Venture Capital (4)
  • Seniors (16)
  • Veterans (7)
  • Agriculture (27)
  • Children/Youth (38)
  • Gov't Contracts (18)
  • Crowdfunding (311)
  • Disability (1)
  • Disaster (12)
  • Export/Import (2)
  • Grants (77)
  • Green (6)
  • Women (18)
  • Loans (37)
  • Marketing / PR (10)
  • Minorities (4)
  • Moms (6)
  • Native American (1)
  • Non-Profit (92)
  • Patents / IP (5)
  • Peer-To-Peer (116)
  • Pets (7)
  • Research Tools (7)
  • Services (59)


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Module #1: Deciding Where To Go
How To Discover What You Should Really Be Doing In Life
How To Find Great Opportunities In A Lousy Economy
Help Deciding On The Best Business To Start
Solve Your Debt Problems So You Can Start Your Business
Module #2: Start Your Business
$5,000 to $100K to Help With Your Business Plan
Help Setting Your Corporate Structure
How To Get Money To Live On While Your Start Your Business
How To Start A Business On Your Kitchen Table
How To Get Free Daily Mentoring From Those In The Know
How To Start A Business With $0
Module #3: Getting Sales and Customers
Free Help Setting Up A Marketing Campaign and Getting Publicity
$1.5 Million To Grow Your Business
How To Get Free Daily Mentoring From Those Who Know
Get A Representative For Your Product In Any Country For $350
Module #4: Finding The Money
$10 Million Bond For Your Business
Contracts Will Get You More Money Than Loans Or Grants Put Together
$35k for Low Income Entrepreneurs
10 Years Tax Free Status For Business
$6,000 Grant To Help You Learn How To Get A $100 Grant
$200 To $200,000 From Friendly Crowds On The Internet
$150K With One Page Application
Get Uncle Sam To Co-Sign Your Loan
$350K When The Banks Turn Your Down
$5K To Make Your Business Handicap Accessable
Starbucks Gives Money To Low Income Entrepreneurs
$10K Mom & Pop Small Business Grant
Nice Banks That Help Low Income People Start Businesses
Module #5: Money For Specific Businesses
$150K To Buy Real Estate
Loans And Grants Up To $200l For Farms, Wineries And Forest Prodcuts
The Best Government Opportunities For Real Estate
$500K To Start A Natural Food Store
$25K To Start A Day Care Center
Module #6: Location Specific Businesses
$1 Million To Start A Business Overseas
$250K Grant To Start A Business In A Certain Zip Code
$15K To Start A Business At Home
$4 Million To Start A Business In New Jersey
Module #7: Money For Inventors
$3K To Work On A New Invention For Leaf Bags
How To Get Free Money And Help If You Are An Inventor
$250K To Work On Your Invention
Grants To Work On Your Invention
Module #8: Money For Specific People
$100K For Women Entrepreneurs
$5,000 For Teenagers To Start A Business
$25K For People With NO Money To Start A Business
$25K For Women To Start A Home Business
Special Help For People With Disabilities To Start A Business
Special Help For Minority Entrepreneurs
Special Help For People With Bad Credit To Start A Business
Module #9: Free Services For Your Business
Free Health Care Services For You
Free Help Collecting Bad Debts And Bounced Checks
Free Help To Fight The IRS
Local Government Incubators Will Make Sure Your Business Succeeds
Free Help To Comply With EEOC, FTC Or Any Other Regulatory Agency
Module #10: State And Local Help
$1.5 Million To Start A Business In A Small Town
Local Business Grants For Small Business
14 Instructional Videos Of State And Local Government Officials Explaining How You Can Take Advantage Of Free Money And Help For Your Business
Module #11: Employee Benefits
How To Give Your Employees 17,000 Benefit Programs You Already Paid For
$150K To Provide Child Care For Employees
$1K Per Employee For Job Training
$25K For Every Job You Create
$25K To Give Your Employees Computer Skills
Get Free Health Care and
Legal Help For Your Employees
Module #12: Money To Buy Real Estate
Grants And Low-Interest Loans For Historic Property
Free Surplus Property For Some Small Businesses and Non-Profits
Module #13: Application Tips For Success
Free Help Writing A Grant Applications
All You Need To Know About Government Grant Applications
Instructional Videos Of Federal Government Officials Who Explain How To Take Advantage Of Their Programs That Offer Money And Help To Entrepreneurs
Module #14: Motivational Stories
From College Dorm To A $1 Million Recycling Business
Entrepreneur Applies For $100,000 For His Energy Idea
Tearing Apart Old Homes For Fun And Profit
College Student Uses Grant To Start IT Business In His Dorm
See More Motivational Success Stories
Module #15: Get Government Contracts
Contracts Will Get Your More Money Than Loans or Grants Combined
How To Get A Contract From Local Governments
$15K To Learn How To Get Government Contracts
4 Instructional Videos Who How To Make Money In Government Contracts
Non-Profits Help You Get Government Contracts
Free Money To Live On While You Start Your Business
Doctor/Inventor Gets $1 Million Grant To Take The Sting Out Of Shots
Ex-Navy Gets Grants To Study To Be Professional Triathlete
Deconstruction Entrepreneur Starts Recycling Business/ Non-Profit
Low-Cost Help Takes Coffee Entrepreneur To Next Level
Birds and Bees Consultant Gets Lots Of Free Gov't Help
Life Coach Gets $10,000 Grant To Help People Get Jobs
Retired Vet Gets Money For Banana Bread Business
Designer Gets $5,000 Grant For Woman's Seminar
$5k to $1mil for Your Business Plan
$15,000 For Mom With A Great Idea