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50% Wage Increase With Green Training

Daisy Clarke
Program Manager Construction Mgt.
and Building Trades Technologies Inst.
Frederick Community College
Dr. Bob Young
Associate Vice President of Learning
Dean of Workforce Development and Professional Preparation
Frederick Community College

They To Find Your Local Community College or Training Center contact the One-Stop Career Center locator at This website contains a wealth of information. If you click on the Education + Training button at the top you will see:
Colleges & Training
Certification Courses
Community Colleges
WIA Training Providers
You will find a listing of community colleges, apprenticeship programs, and more.
Speach Highlights
They Provide College Credit courses and Non-College Credit Courses To Get A Better Job
The kinds of job training available include:
Building Trades
Heating and Air Conditioning
Energy Auditors
You do not have to take an SAT test to get into community college.
You do have to take a placement test to determine what preparatory courses they will sign you up for so you can be successful.
They also provide refresher courses for no credit to improve your job skills.
Many people take only one or two course while they are working full time.
Even in economic down turn there are still a lot of jobs available for people who get these skills.
By taking 4 courses people can increase their salary by 50%.
Prices are reasonable at $115 per credit.
When they started their Energy Program they had $1 million to pay for anyone who took the training during the first 3 years.
There are still other programs to pay for this training including federal money, local scholarships, state workforce training money and even employers who pay for this training.
So when you are looking for a job, find an employer who offers tuition money to get a better job.
They offer the following Clean Energy Training Courses.
These are courses that do not lead to a degree but give you a certificate so you can prove that you have the credentials to get jobs that are in demand, like:
  • LEED Certification Training.
  • Green Advantage Training.
  • Energy Audit and Weatherization Training.
These training programs may take only a few days.
Money is available from employers or the Workforce Training office.
Free Energy Audit Training
They received a grant to train energy auditors and for people to do weatherization work.
One week long course to be an Energy Auditor or to do Weatherization work.
The courses were FREE that they were giving. When the grant runs out the course will cost about $300 or so. But there are other training money founds that may pay for this.
They are designing courses for current professionals in Electrical, HVAC or Plumbing..
    Solar Thermal
There are 2 reasons why they are seeing increases in community college students.
  • More older students are laid off or looking for additional skills so they don't get laid off.
  • And more students out of high school are starting at community colleges because it is cheaper..
Students who transfer from community college to the main University campus do better than those students who just start at the main campus. Plus they save a lot of money.
Their average class size is 15-25 students.
It is a stepping stone to a job or a 4-year college.