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Free Research Help For Problems In The Home and For Home Schoolers


Ms. Manami Brown, Director
U of Maryland Extension, City of Baltimore
6615 Reisterstown Road, Suite 201
Baltimore, MD 21215

With 4-H Volunteers Alissa Cooper and Melody Cooper
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  Interview Highlights

  • Extension Service is not just for raising cattle.
  • They service urban problems also.
  • They provide nutrition education.
  • They help with what is good or not good to eat and show what kind of financial and other assistance is available.
  • They help with shopping and how to prepare food.
  • Help with financial literacy.
  • A special person helps with possible eviction problems.
  • Help is available for estate planning.
  • Educate people about their options in life.
  • They do professional development for financial management counselors (you can learn to be a financial counselor).
  • Urban agriculture program does a lot of community gardens (urban farms).
  • Take a local plot of land and grow food for the community.
  • It can be the foot print of a row house or an entire block.
  • They do not charge anything.
  • You can get a free education on being a master gardener.
  • They also have high tunnels.
  • 4-H give life skills to young people like public speaking, fashion, starting a business or getting a job.
  • Their young people learn how to start a business and also teach other people how to start a business.
  • Melody has been with 4-H for 4 years.
  • She is home schooled and joined the Toastmasters Club to learn public speaking.
  • Their library has a big curriculum for home schooling.
  • All the programs are interactive and available to the public.
  • 4-H is open to anyone and is even more educational than school.
  • Service learning studies what a community needs and makes it happen.
  • Melody will continue doing this in college, Toastmasters, photography, community gardening, and robotics.