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Free Smoke Detector


Lil' Lesko went on a road trip to Maine where he learned some important safety information. Smoke Detectors save lives. But the sad thing is that many homes and apartments don't have these detectors installed. The Winthrop, Maine Fire Department began a program called Operation Get Alarmed. They go to schools to teach children about fire safety and give out smoke detectors. They recommend that one be on each level of the home, and inside each bedroom. In order to keep the batteries in good working order they suggest that when you change your clocks, you change your batteries.
For more information on Operation get Alarmed for the Winthrop Maine community contact
Winthrop Fire Department at 207-277-7223;
But are they the only ones who have such a program? According to a report published by the National Fire Protection Association 70 percent of fire departments serving communities of 100,000 or more distributed free smoke alarms. Many communities team up with churches, schools, non-profits, and other organizations to help fund free smoke alarm distributions because they know that this is the most effective way to save lives.
If you are in interested in forming a group to create a smoke detector distribution projects, there are several organizations that you can approach to help with funding Contact.
The national Fire Protection Association,
1 Batterymarch Park, Quincy,
MA 02169; 617-770-3000;
U.S. Fire Administration,
16825 S. Seton Ave.,
Emmitsburg, MD 21727; 301-447-1000;
If you are in need of a smoke detector for your home or apartment, contact your nearest fire station on their non-emergency line. Many distribute these free of charge or can direct you to resources in your area.
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