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Get a Garden or Gardening Job Greencorps Chicago


Patricia C.C. Lee
Project Coordinator Department of Environment
Greencorps Chicago
Chicago Center for Green Technology
445 North Sacramento Blvd.
Chicago, IL 60612

  Interview Highlights

  • Greencorps Chicago is a community gardening and job training program.
  • Assist any community group in the city who wants to build or enhance a garden.
  • For beautification, flowers, school garden for outdoor classroom, grow vegetables for the community, plant trees.
  • They provide plants, education, soil, tools and help with instillation.
  • Refer to other organizations in the Chicago area that provide help for special kinds of gardens.
  • A lot of local community gardens feed the entire community with fresh vegetables.
  • The American Community Garden Association.
  • Green Corps hires 45 people for a 9 month long session to learn:
    • Landscape and horticulture.
    • Environmental health and safety (handling hazardous materials, recycling, composting)
    • Electronics recycling.
    • Home weatherization.
  • Classroom and hands on working.
  • Students get paid to learn these skills.
  • A library with free building material samples, different kinds of flooring material, 1,200 solar panels to look at, a green roof, geothermal technology to keep the building cool.
  • Training is free.
  • People would pay $10,000 for a course like this.
  • For people 18 years or older and background does not matter.
  • Seniors in Chicago get their homes weatherized for free from the students.
  • They put in for money from the Stimulus Package to grow the program but have not heard yet.