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Get A Green MBA


Sarah Isabel
Dominican University of California

  Interview Highlights

  • This is a private university established in 1890.
  • She has a Green MBA in sustainable enterprise and is an instructor at the University.
  • The Green MBA program has been around for 10 years.
  • They were the first Green MBA program in the country.
  • Graduates become consultants, change agents in corporations or start their own businesses.
  • They have a waiting list of students every semester.
  • Their students are trained to bring humanity back into business.
  • One of the recent graduates became the head of the Green Chamber of Commerce in the San Francisco Bay area.
  • Another recent graduate works for the climate action program for the City of Chicago and is an advisor to the Chicago Department of the Environment.
  • Another recent graduate started a company called Earth Sites that put up the website for the Chicago Green Festival. They work with green and social change companies.
  • Graduates are interested in growing social and natural capital as well as the financial capital.
  • There seems to be about 15 green MBA programs around the country right now.
  • They also have an undergraduate program in sustainable communities.
  • And a 6-month certificate program in Sustainable Practices for adults. Classes are Saturdays only.
  • Another program is called “Green Your MBA”. It’s for people who already have an MBA. Classes are Saturday only also.
  • They have some scholarships, grants and tuition assistance research opportunities available.
  • She received a research scholarship that paid a big chunk of her tuition.
  • They have students with ages ranging from 25 to 65 years of age.