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Government Grants for Health Care

Be sure to check your county government for government grants or programs that can help you with health care, child care, dental care, eye care, senior care, and even financial assistance. In the interview below the director says…

"Our whole purpose is to serve people in need and if we are not fulfilling our core mission then we are failing at what we need to do. People need to use us. They need to come to us. They need to access our services. People need to know that we exist to serve them."

Here is a list of some government grants or programs that are available from Department of Health and Human Services in Montgomery County in the state of Maryland. Income requirements differ for each program and will be different for every county. You have to check the available programs in your area and ask about eligibility requirements. The income requirement listed is for a family of 4.

  • Free Health Clinics (Sliding Fee Scale)
  • Health Care For Children ($42,264)
  • Health Care For Adults (Medicaid) ($5,484)
  • Physician Care For Adults (PAC Program) ($20,652)
  • Cancer Screening and Treatment For Women ($53,000)
  • Dental Care ($20,652
  • Mental Health Care (No Income Requirement)
  • Senior Care (Varies)
  • Immunizations and Flu Shots (No Income Requirement)
Montgomery Country Maryland Department of Health and Human Services

Interview with Uma S. Ahluwalia, Director
Even if you do not live in Montgomery County Maryland this interview will show you the kinds of programs that can be available in your county. Once you view the video go to and search for your country government and also look for the counties in your surrounding area. I am sure you would be happy to move a few miles if someone would offer to take care of all your health care expenses.


A Samplle of Other Montgomery County Maryland Programs

  Children's Services
  • Abused and Neglected Children
  • Becoming a Foster Parent or Adopting a Child
  • Immunizations
  • Help with Obtaining Child Support Payments
  • Help for Children with Developmental Disabilities
  • Mental Health and Addiction Services for Children/Youth
  • Child Care Information and Subsidies
  • School Health Services
  Mental Health Services
  • Mental Health Crisis Services
  • Services for Adults
  • Services for Children and Teens
  • Services for Seniors
  • Counseling for Victims of Abuse
  • Medical Assistance
  • Services for People Who are Deaf
  Housing Assistance
  • Energy Assistance
  • Rental Assistance
  • Preventing Loss of Housing
  • Homeless Services
  Services for Low Income Individules
  • Temporary Cash Assistance
  • Medical Assistance
  • Rental Assistance
  • Energy Assistance
  • Child Care Subsidies
  • Employment Services
  Alcohal and Drug Abuse Services
  • Adult Intake and Assessment
  • Services for Teens
  • Crisis Services
  • Outpatient Addiction Services
  Services for People with Disabilities
  • Assessing What Help an Adult with Disabilities Might Need
  • Services for People with Developmental Disabilities
  • Finding Appropriate Housing
  • Finding a Job
  • Transportation
  • Temporary Cash Advance