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Government Grants for Business

How To Use Government Money Club To: Start/Expand Your Business or Invention
Starting your business is a process that will take weeks, months or even years to complete depending on the kind of business you want to start and the amount of resources you are starting with. But no matter what kind of business you wish to start and how much money you have or don't have there are dozens of ways the government can help you. Here are the videos and sources that are in the Government Money Club to help you fulfill your dream.

Step 1: Free Help In Thinking Thru Your Idea

Most people are wrong about their estimates on how much it will cost to start their business. It is remarkable but your estimate is just as likely to be too high as much as it is too low. I was talking to a small business start-up expert recently in Chicago who told me that the average cost of starting a small business in Illinois is about $7,000.

If you have not started a business before YOU WILL NEED ALL THE HELP YOU CAN GET, and you can get it FOR FREE.Sure, you can go on to the internet and search for topics like "small business consultants", "help preparing a business plan", or "accounting help" and you will wind up paying thousands of dollars for services and products that you can get for free.

The differences between the free ones and the ones that charge a lot of money are:
  • The ones that charge you money don't care how serious you are about your idea or how much time you are willing to put into your project, they only care if you are prepared to give THEM a lot of money. As long as they get their money, they have little other motive to ensure that you succeed, unless you are going to give them more money But they can't count on that. That is why the only thing they count on is you giving them as much money as soon as possible.
  • The free ones don't have to depend on your money. Government or non-profit organizations give them money to perform these services for free. However their time is limited and if they spend a lot of time trying to help you and you are not willing to put in the work necessary to start a business, that means that someone else who is more willing to put in the work is deprived of their time.

So the bottom line for using these sources is:
  • You don't have to know exactly what you want to do, have a lot of money or even any money at all. You don't even have to know how to spell the word "entrepreneur". But you do have to come in with a willingness that you will put in the work to help yourself have a successful business.
  • No good coach wants to work with someone who does not have a strong desire to succeed unless you pay them a lot of money.

Watch Videos Of Organizations That Offer Free Help For Starting A Business

government grantsIncubators Increase Success
government grantsStart a Business/Invention
government grantsLocal Business Grants

government grantsBring Your Business
government grantsHelp For Big/Small Businesses
government grantsMoney To Live On

Review the following Club Sources to locate organizations in your area that will help you think thru your business (or non-profit) idea:

Step 2: But Where Are The Grants?

OK, OK. I know. You want to know if there are government grants for businesses. No matter what anyone tells you the real answer is definitely YES. They just may not be in the obvious places and sometimes they are not even called Grants. There are hundreds and even thousands of them scattered all around the country and they all have different requirements and applications. They are given out by federal and local governments, quasi-government organizations as well as non-profit organizations.
That is why the most important thing to do before you start looking for grants, or loans, loan guarantees, and venture capital, is before you start, have your idea developed as much as possible and have a good sense of what might be possible based on your idea and your skill level. STEP #1 will do this for you in the most important way and will save you countless hours in going in circles and missed opportunities.
Once you start looking for money you will hear a lot of conflicting information from all different kinds of experts. Some will be right some will be wrong but all of them will be limited in their knowledge, and that includes us. The world of information is so big, the number of sources keeps changing so fast no one person knows everything. We are all carrying around just one piece of a big puzzle that you as an entrepreneur have to put together and discover what is best for you.
I have been studying money programs for over 30 years. What I've learned over this time is that, even though I probably know more than most anyone else in the world about government grants or money programs, the number of opportunities out there is so large and changes happen so fast I struggle every day to ask the right questions to find out what is available.

Watch Videos Of Organizations That Offer Money For Your Business.

government grantsLandfill Gas Developer Learns
government grantsGreen Bag Lunch Entrepreneurs
government grantsNon-Profit Sells Donated Materials

government grantsMoney To Train Your Employees
government grantsTrain Yourself/Employees
government grantsGreen Roof for Money & Veggies

government grantsHelp for Starting A Business In
government grantsFrom $200 To 72,000 Customers
government grantsHow To Sell To Local Govt

Start Reviewing Club Sources for finding financing and other help for your business:

Step 3: More Than One Way To Implement Your Business Idea

No matter how good your idea is you will always run into road blocks and obstacles. This happens in every aspect of life. Success in anything is determined by how you deal with those obstacles.The easiest thing to do is to give up. Those who give up are the people who don't do much. The people who do things in life are those that look at obstacles as simply a challenge that you have to spend time figuring out "How To Go Around It", "Go Through It", or "Go Over It".
Here are a few ideas that may get you started on thinking of other ways to accomplishing your dreams.

See How Obama's Stimulus Package Can Help Your Business
This $787 Billion package is the biggest opportunity that this country has to offer today. In these tough economic times, the people who get this money will be the few people in America that will be spending money on projects or ideas. Start leaning how you can tap into this opportunity to help you start a business, get a contact or sub-contract or just get a job.

The Best Opportunities In A Lousy Economy
If your idea is not gaining traction it may be a good time to start re-evaluating and try to figure out how you can make your idea be a part of something that will be growing in the world so that you will be part of the wave when it starts booming. A lot of success stories are not because of brilliance or thoughtful planning but because someone was at the right place at the right time. You can start positioning your business to be part of something that has a high likelihood of booming in the near futures so that YOU can be in the right place at the right. There is always a lot more room for new entrepreneurs in areas that are growing than in areas that are static or shrinking. For example, it may be a bad place in time if you have an idea to sell a product to Wall Street which is collapsing versus the Green Economy which seems to be getting ready to boom.

government grantsGreat Opportunities In A Lousy Economy
government grantsWhen To Invest In Yourself

The Best Way To Get Sales For Your Business
This $787 Billion package is the biggest opportunity that this country has to offer today. In these tough economic times, the people who get this money will be the few people in America that will be spending money on projects or ideas. Start leaning how you can tap into this opportunity to help you start a business, get a contact or sub-contract or just get a job.

See How You Can Do Your Business With A Lot Less Money
  • hook up with an existing business as a subsidiary instead of starting your own,
  • become a distributor of a product instead of a manufacturer
  • start on the web instead of a building or office
  • start selling a service instead of a product
The important thing in life is not having the perfect business to run right now but to continually take steps
to go TOWARDS something you like and away from what you don't like.

Gov't Contracts Are Better Than Government Grants For Your Business
Sure there are grants for businesses, but they are going to take some work finding the right one and applying. But the bigger problem with grants is that once you find one place to apply and you get it, you are going to have to find another place to get another one. It is difficult for an organization to keep giving you a grant over and over again. Most grants are there to get your started and not to sustain you. But what can sustain you, and what you can live on over and over again is a contract. The government (federal, state and local) buys most anything you can think of. Everything from broom handles to massage therapists. I even saw where the government spent $30,000 on a freelance priest. My sister frames art for the government in her garage in the middle of Virginia and does over $1 million worth of business with the government all through government contracts.

government grantsGetting A Government Contract
government grantsNo Grants? Get A Contract!

"It is not going to be easy, but help is out there for those who really want to do something in life and
contribute to our society. Your job is to contribute as much, or more, of yourself to the process as you expect to get back."

More Help For The Money Than Any Other Service