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Talk To Lesko At His Kitchen Table…
Sitting at his kitchen table Lesko will help you LIVE by streaming video. Lesko will share his 30 years experience in helping others achieve their goals and will personally answer your questions about money, career, and life. A $300/Hour service but yours FREE.
government grants
government grants
Immediate Access To 15,000 Free Programs …
America’s Largest Database of Government Grants, Loans, Direct Payments, Health Care, Legal Help and Free Services. Search by your need for help and see complete program descriptions, income requirements and application sources for FREE.
government grants
Free Web Seminars…
From YOUR kitchen table or wherever you have your computer, you can attend live seminars on the web on topics that include “Do You Qualify for a Grant? ” to “How to Start A Business with $0” A $200/Hour service but yours FREE.
government grants
Daily, Weekly, Monthly Alerts and Newsletters…
As a member you will be immediately notified of over 200 new programs a month where you can be among the first in line to receive money and help for your expenses, education, health care, investments, business or career.
government grants
Videos Of Government Officials…
Watch videos of government officials who will tell you exactly how their program will solve your problem and exactly how to apply for the money. You don’t even have to trust what Lesko says about Government Grants or Programs you get it right from the official giving out the money.
government grants
Free Government Grants Writing Help…
All members have access to experts who will help you fill out any government grants application for FREE.
This alone can save you $1,000s in grant writer fees.

Let Lesko Be Your Mentor. He can help you thru today’s minefields of overpriced experts, overwhelming choices, and the explosion of information.

Matthew Lesko began his road to millions with NO money, NO credentials and NO contacts. All he had was a phone, a desk and his desire to do something with his life. From that, he started 3 successful consulting and information companies that helped millions of people achieve their success.

His customers included everyone from dozens of Fortune 500 companies to millions of average workers. He has authored over 100 books. Lesko wrote regular columns for New York Times Syndicate and Good Housekeeping Magazine and was a regular guest on the Today Show, Jay Leno, Larry King, Letterman, and Oprah.

The Washington Post calls Lesko a “genius” and his TV commercial is rated “#3 Best Infomercial Ever.” A proud product of Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, Lesko will prove to you that high priced consultants are wrong when they say it takes money to make money in America. Lesko can show you how real success is not determined by how much money you spend to get somewhere in life but by how little money you need to spend because the best sources of money and help in America are FREEEEEE…


government grants

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