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Government loans for people

Dr. Janice Presser, CEO, The Gabriel Institute, Philadelphia, PA,
Lynn Ozer, Executive Vice President, Government Guaranteed Lending, Susquehanna Bank, Pottstown, PA,

  Interview Highlights

  • Lynn Ozer worked for SBA for 5 years right out of college and is now with Susquehanna Bank.
  • She has been handling SBA and Dept of Agriculture loans for the last 30 years.
  • Dr. Janice Presser has created a online behavioral assessment tool for teaming relationships.
  • She started 35 years ago with the idea of How People Work Together.
  • She helps people decide who would be a good fit on a team.
  • Its taken 25 years of research and 9½ years of development.
  • People visit their web site and it helps them understand the relationships of people in the team and how to use them better, or how to build a team.
  • How you understand people should drive how you respect them.
  • If you don't have respect for them they won't perform well.
  • Each person is able to understand how valuable they are to the team.
  • Lynn also took the test and when she saw the results she said, "How In The World Did They Know That? - Only people who really, really know her would know those things.
  • It shows how you work with different people.
  • From a human resource perspective this is "Genius".
  • The report is only $80.
  • One hour with a therapist is more than $80.
  • It's great for job seekers and for employers.
  • The manager gets an interpretation of the report and the person taking the test also gets a report.
  • THE BIGGEST MISCONCEPTION ABOUT SBA loans is that it takes a million years and lots of paperwork.
  • You should make sure that you are working with a bank that has an SBA specialist.
  • You can go to a local SBA office a get a list of the top 10 lending institutions in your area.
  • Certain banks prefer to lend to certain industries, like certain banks don't do start ups, some don't do smaller than $100,000, some will do real estate and some will not, etc.
  • Janice went through 3 banks before she found a good one.
  • IF ONE BANK TURNS YOU DOWN, it does not mean you cannot get an SBA loan.
  • The National Association of Government Guaranteed Lenders can also get information on banks that can help.
  • Find someone who has an SBA loan and ask their experience.
  • Information on people who get SBA loans is public information.
  • There is more SBA lending when the economy is bad.
  • The payments are lower than regular loans.
  • If the loan is bad the bank covers 25% and the government covers 75%.
  • Look for lenders that are "PREFERRED", they are able to get the "guarantee" directly which makes the process shorter.
  • The information you need depends on if you are a start up or on-going business.
  • They help complete the government paperwork for you.
  • SBA is also good for buying a business.