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Grants to train for better job

Interview with Andy Moser, Assistant Secretary, Division of Workforce Developments, MD Dept of Labor, Licensing & Regulation
$8000 To Train for a New Job! OR $50,000 To Train your Employees.
  Income Requirements
Programs Offered Have NO Income Requirements with a few exceptions, and Any Size Business Is Eligible

  Other Requirements
Looking for a Job, Wanting A Better Job, Wanting To Hire Employees, Wanting To Train Employees, Wanting To Lay Off Employees


See Sample List of Available Services Below

The following is a listing of some of the major programs available from Workforce Development Centers. Some centers may offer unique programs that are not offered by others, like money to pay for health care premiums while you are out of work, or money to pay for day care. Be sure you contact your local office so that you understand all your options and programs.
  Programs For job Seekers
  1. Grants For Job Seekers To Train For A Better Job (WIA Adult Program).
  2. Money and Help For Workers Who Were Downsized (WIA Dislocated Worker Program).
  3. Money and Help For Youth 14 to 21 To Get  Better Job (WIA Youth).
  4. Extra Money And Help If You Were Laid Off Because Of Imports (Trade Adjustment Assistance Program).
  5. Money To Live On When You Are Looking For Work (Unemployment Insurance).
  6. Free Help With Resumes, and Free Use of Telephones, Fax Machines, Personal Computers, Internet Access.
  7. Money To Live On While You Train To Become An Entrepreneur.
  8. Money To Take A Few Courses To Complete Your Degree.
  9. Free Help Getting A Summer Job.
  10. Grants For Workers 55+ To Train For A Better Job.
  11. Help Getting a GED, English Skills, Reading and Writing Skills.
  12. Special Money and Help For Veterans to Start a Business or Get A Better Job.
  Programe For Your Business
  1. Grants To Train Your Employees.
  2. Screen Job Applicants.
  3. Post Your Job Openings.
  4. Free Out Placement Services For Employees You Are Laying Off.
  Programs For Current Employees
  1. Money To Get A New Skill
  2. If you work for a company and want to get a new skill in order to get a raise, you can show your boss how to get money to send you to school so you can perform better for the company.
  3. Again, if you are looking for a better job, be sure to contact your local center.  Many centers offer much more than what we have presented here.  Even millionaires are eligible.
If You Feel Mistreated Or if you are not getting what you believe you are eligible for contact the office of your congressman or senator. To find your representatives go to and