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Grants From Chinese Government To Grow

Your Mind, Get A Job and Prevent Alzheimer's

I'm taking Mandarin Chinese language courses from a program that is subsidized by the Chinese Government. At 68 I feel learning Chinese if probably one of the best things I can do to keep my mind in shape as I get older.

I go to the Confucius Institute at George Mason University in Virginia. Courses at the University cost $1,000 or more, but I pay only $150 at the Confucius Institute. That's even a lot cheaper than the Rosetta Stone, which is boring because you are just looking at a computer. I get real live Chinese instructors direct from Peking and there are only about 5 people in the class.

It's almost like one-on-one instruction. It's more fun than cross word puzzles and it can even create job opportunities. There are stores in New York City that now want sales people to know some Chinese.

Also as China continues to grow and more people reach the middle class they are going to be buying more goods and services from us instead of just shipping their stuff to Wal-Mart.
There are 205 Confucius Institute classrooms like this in America. The Confucius Institute also has grants to go to China and study Chinese. They're for all ages. Start having fun and join the world. Find a Confucius Institute near you and start growing your mind: