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Green Bag Lunch Entrepreneur


Anne Weber, Co-Founder
1601 Payne St, Unit C
Evanston, IL 60201
 (847) 471-8866

  Interview Highlights

  • They make healthy, eco-friendly lunches for kids.
  • Chicken wraps, salads, bread sticks with dipping cups.
  • They make everything from scratch in their kitchen.
  • Graduated from Dartmouth and started to work in advertising and marketing in Minneapolis and in the Dot Com industry for 10 years.
  • Got married and had a child and another on the way when she was told she had a serious illness that changed her world.
  • After her second surgery she was laid off and it gave her an opportunity to change her life and do what she really wanted to do in life.
  • She started a sample.
  • She received a matching grant from Chicago Community Ventures to help them with marketing.
  • They are also applying for a grant from Sustain Illinois and are waiting to hear back.
  • One of their goals this year is to partner with a non-profit who's mission to educating families about nutrition.
  • With the partnership they intend to apply for grants to help fight childhood obesity, nutritional education as well as provide scholarships for kids who cannot afford green lunches.
  • Sources mentioned in the interview include:
  • For assistance in identifying similar programs in your area, contact your local public library:
  • Regarding the grants:
    • They obtained a grant from Chicago Community Ventures, which they put toward marketing.
    • They applied for grant from Sustain Illinois but haven't heard yet.