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Fisk, Executive Director
William James Foundation Not smith ?

  Interview Highlights

  • It's a shared office space for small businesses.
  • He did a lot of writing on expanding the ways you can be of service to your community.
  • You can do it 1) in addition to your job, 2) instead of your job, or 3) through your job.
  • Most people are serve their community outside of their job by volunteering.
  • This Foundation tries to get more people to be of service to their community.
  • This non-profit gives away $700,000 worth of expert's time each year.
  • They work with entrepreneurs with a mission to improve the world.
  • They have a pool of mentors who evaluate business plan proposals.
  • Entrepreneurs are those who want to make money doing non-profit type of work.
  • People who apply can be experts in some area that benefits country and they figure out how to make money at it.
  • The Foundation has been doing this 10 years.
  • They have about 700 companies and work with about 700 judges.
  • Williams James Foundation is international.
  • First step is to submit a 2-page outline that includes:
    1. What is the problem you want to solve
    2. Why do people want to pay you for this
    3. Why is your team able to do this
    4. What is your social or environmental value
  • There is no fee to apply with this initial 2-page overview.
  • The Foundation will review your outline and announce those selected.
  • Usually between 50 and 200 proposals are accepted.
  • Those that are accepted for the complete business plan evaluation will be in one of three categories:
    1. Full scholarship and no fees involved
    2. Some are on subsidized fees, about $100 to $250
    3. Some will have to pay full cost of evaluation of $1,000
  • The final reports are sent to dozens of experts all over the world to be evaluated.
  • Each judge gives about 20 pages of feedback for each round.
  • These are evaluations from people in the field who built similar companies.
  • People receive evaluations from some of the best experts in the business areas they want to pursue.
  • The Foundation has a clearinghouse for companies doing good work.
  • They have a mentor network, about 40-50 experts whom entrepreneurs can contact for a fee of $10-$15 and if the mentor does not get back to you, you are charged nothing.
  • These are world class experts in specific areas.
  • They also have a program like Shark Tank on TV called Green Grabs
  • You have an hour to present your idea to venture capitalists.. there is no charge for this!