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Brian Rice
Director of Community Development and Leasing
EVP, Marketing
435 Devon Park Drive
Building 500
Wayne, PA 19087
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  Interview Highlights

  • They do home efficiency check-ups for homeowners.
  • They also do job training around the country for consultants who can perform the check-ups.
  • They guarantee to save $500 a year on your utility bills or they refund the cost of the check-up.
  • It costs about $395 on average to have the audit.
  • They have a one-day program and two-day program to become a home efficiency consultant.
  • They also provide marketing support and continuing education for consultants.
  • The course is $695 and you receive certification.
  • They also guarantee that you will make $500 once you take the course.
  • You collect all the money for homeowner check-ups.
  • They have a program with the National Association of Realtors with over 1 million members.
  • The realtors are giving $100 home check-up coupons to potential homebuyers so they can compare which homes have cheaper utility bills.
  • Consultants also get trained on how to find customers.
  • They are offering city government 50% discounts to train large numbers of people.
  • You can check with your one-stop career center to pay for this training.
  • The founder has been around for 15 years and the training academy started in 2008.
  • Their check-up is different than a home energy audit. It is not as complex as the home energy audit.
  • You may still need a complete home energy audit if you need a bigger capital investments like new roof or windows.
  • The company grew over 100% since January (about 4 months).