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How To Grow Money From Your Garden


Charles Schuster, Field Educator
Commercial Horticulture Montgomery Country
University of Maryland Extension


  Interview Highlights

  • He teaches people how to make money with food and plants.
  • Farmers market is a growth business.
  • Local food is big, people want to know where their food comes from.
  • People sell their food at local farmers markets and through CSA's, community supported agriculture.
  • CSA is where the farmer sells share of his crop in late Winter or early Spring and you as an investor get a portion of his crop every week.
  • You become a partner in the farm to get fresh vegetables every week.
  • The farmer is pre-selling their product.
  • Farmers come from 50 to 100 miles to sell their goods at farmers market.
  • People who have a few acres of land grow food and sell it so that they can get lower tax rate as a farmer instead of commercial of residential.
  • He just started a giving a course recently called "Starting a Second Career, Moving Into Food Production".
  • He had a full house.
  • They charge next to nothing and get people who are interested in producing food for themselves and sharing it with others.
  • People are looking into more and more on how far food travels.
  • The local grown taste a lot better because it does not have to be made to travel a long way.
  • The have another class that is for the beginning farmer, also a flower course, to help people who sell to farmers market and flower shops.
  • You can go to a grower and have them grow special flowers for your wedding.
  • There are people making a good income with just an acre of land.
  • They train people who to do this.
  • They also tell farmers about what pests are in the area so they can protect their food.
  • He knows people who are retired and want to make money as well as young people who see a great opportunity.
  • You can even find someone else's land and create food and share the money with the owner.
  • He has been involved in food since 15. He are headed for engineering.
  • There are extension offices all over the country.
  • They have help on any kind of home and garden information.
  • For free help go to :