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How Non Profits Can Benefit From Going Green


G. Steven Fountain, President/CEO
The Green Fountain Group

  Interview Highlights

  • A consulting practice that provides information, education and training focused on energy efficiency and renewable energy.
  • Non-profits, families and businesses can take advantage of big increase in the Weatherization Assistance Program.
  • Helps organizations think thru their projects and helps secure the funding.
  • Some families pay up to 50% of their income on utility bills.
  • Building Performance Institute (BPI) for existing buildings.
  • HERS ratings are for new and old structures.
  • It takes about $1,500 to train and take the tests.
  • There is probably money available from government agencies and non-profits to help you pay for the training.
  • There are a lot of opportunities in the weatherization business.
  • Senate Bill 668 in North Carolina says that all state building have to operate 20% more energy efficient.
  • For new buildings they want a 30% reduction in cost.
  • You can get into this business with 6 weeks of training and a certificate.