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Humanure: Composting 100% of Your Life


Joseph Jenkins, Author and Gardener
Mercer County, PA

  Interview Highlights

  • He usually speaks on Humanure because that is the title of his book that first come out 15 years ago.
  • You can compost everything you produce; it is called Extreme Composting.
  • He owns a homestead and not a farm.
  • All by-products of food production, food preparation and food consumption should be recycled.
  • He recycles everything that comes out of the kitchen and the toilet (toilets and garbage disposals).
  • Waste water treatment plants contain a large amounts of nutrients that can be used for agriculture purposes.
  • 65% of the Nitrogen that pollutes the Chesapeake bay comes from human waste.
  • In-sink garbage disposals contribute 850% more organic waste matter to waste water than toilets.
  • A recycling household will not use garbage disposals nor even flush toilets.
  • Compost process releases nutrients and destroys disease organisms.
  • He describes how to make a complete compost pile.
  • The largest barrier to complete recycling is psychological.

This video was made at Future Harvest SASA Annual Convention